BWJ P&Q (updated): Mixed-Starter Bread and/or Walnut Bread

The Walnut Bread recipe (pages 121-122) is a riff on the Mixed-Starter Bread recipe (pages 113-120), so we think you should be able to take your pick of either (of course you can make both, if you’re really ambitious) for the December 2 posting.  Choose your own bread adventure!

Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the Mixed-Starter Bread episode.

BWJ December Schedule

Here’s what we have coming up next month.  There’s an extra Tuesday in December, so you can use it to make something you missed or to take a New Year’s break.

And if any of our BCM members want to join in on the Baking with Julia fun, please do!

December 2, 2014- Mixed-Starter Bread, p 113-120 and/or Walnut Bread, p 121-122

December 16, 2014- Chocolate-Mint Nightcaps, p 309-310

December 30, 2014- Rewind Week!

A note from our favorite cookbook author!

Can it really be over 6 years and so many hundreds of recipes ago that I wrote to tell Laurie and all you wonderful bakers how excited I was that you were planning to work your way through Baking From My Home To Yours?
Well, guess what? As you start on Baking Chez Moi, I’m just as excited. You never fail to delight me and I can’t wait to see what you do with my recipes chez you.
Merci – lots – for being so enthusiastic and so game. As I collected and created these recipes, I was surprised many times and happy every time. I hope it will be the same for you.
“Bake on,” as Laurie says.
Sweet wishes, xoxo Dorie