New Members: Week of March 10th

Please give lovely salutations* to…

Loree of The Baker’s Lamb

Donna of Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases

Danielle of Make No Little Meals

Amanda of The Waterside Novice Baker

Anne Strawberry

Rachel of Powdered Sugar Dreams (Our 80th Member!!!)

Rebecca of Ezra Pound Cake

Julius of Occasional Baker

Mary Ann of Food and Fun

Helen of Aardvark Cakes 

*(I just watched Charlotte’s Web)

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11 thoughts on “New Members: Week of March 10th

  1. So I totally missed the first challenge! I’m sorry girls! This was a crazy week for me–three birthdays and I just didn’t get it done. But the flan sounds wonderful and it will be part of Easter dessert!

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