P & Q: FINALLY (and sorry) Oasis Naan

Sorry, folks, I had the Project That Took Over My Life going on.  Anyway, what do you want to know?

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35 thoughts on “P & Q: FINALLY (and sorry) Oasis Naan

    • Mine came out poofier than I’m used to with naan, but oh-so-delicious!

      I’m not sure it’s possible to dock them sufficiently with a fork. I poked the living daylights out of mine, and they still puffed WAY UP.

    • I docked the bejeezus out of mine, multiple times, and they still puffed way up. For the last one, I poked it immediately before sticking it in the oven, and it came out the flattest.

    • Thank you, thank you! First for the instant yeast conversion. Second for the mixer instructions. I almost didn’t make this til I saw your post. It helped me soooo much!!

  1. mine are in the oven. i am thinking of making some plain ones with salt and using them for peanut butter sandwiches for school lunch boxes tomorrow.

  2. I have a question, prob for Jules. I see that these use the Persian naan as the base dough. Does that mean we are ticking off two recipes here and won’t be doing Persian naan on its own later? If that’s the case, I’ll make a full batch (instead of my standard half) to do some each way.

  3. I’m making mine to go with dinner tonight. Has anyone tried keeping them for a day or two and then reheating in the oven? There are only 2 of us here. I’m thinking of baking half the dough as Oasis Naan and saving the rest in the freezer to try the Persian Naan later on. Or, do you think the dough would keep for a day or two in the back of the fridge where it’s coldest and I could just bake the rest of the dough then? I do this with pizza dough all the time, it’s usually even better after being in the fridge for a couple of days.

      • Steph, thanks for the awesome link! If I’d known, I would have made the dough yesterday :) I’m almost tempted to put it off until tomorrow because we’re going to end up with a very late dinner (it’s 7:30 here and the dough should be ready at 9) AND I have leftovers in the fridge that need to be eaten up. My post would go up tomorrow night if I do that, but still on Tuesday!

    • Hi Cheese! I made the naan when it was just my son and I at home eating them so I had ton leftover. I reheated them the next day on my pizza stone at 350 for maybe 5 minutes. They were a tiny bit chewier than on day one, but still tasted just as good. I kept mine wrapped overnight in a kitchen towel per the recipe instructions.

      • Renee, thanks for the tip! I did read that in the book but wasn’t sure just how long they’d stay tasty. What I’m going to do is bake half of the naan and freeze the other half of the dough for later.

  4. it took nearly 7 cups of flour to make mine even a little bit less sticky. the bread was delicious. I completely forgot to dock one of them and it puffed up–pita like. it still tasted great!

  5. Had high hopes for this recipe. Turned out beautiful and flavorful, but also on the dry side. Anyone make the Génoise for the strawberry cake? No way will I get three layers out of it.

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