January recipes!!! And opinions needed, please

So, what would you like to make in the new year? One savory and one sweet, please! Don’t forget to include the page numbers.

Also, the first Tuesday is New Year’s Day. Would you (collectively) like to push back and post on the 8th and 22nd? Or on the 8th and 15th with the 29th as a rewind? I’ll go with the majority.

Let me know!

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37 thoughts on “January recipes!!! And opinions needed, please

  1. I’d vote for recipes on the 8th and 22nd… and if people really want a rewind make that optional for the 15th.

    As for recipes:
    French Apple Tart, pp 379-381
    Pizza with Onion Confit, pp 157-159

  2. French Apple Tart, 379-381
    Pizza with Onion Confit, 157-159

    Best season’s greetings to everyone ♥
    Sorry for not having visited your blogs lately,..promise to come back asap!

  3. 8th and 22nd sound perfect

    Mocha Chocolate Chips p.330
    Pizza with Onion Confit p.159

    I suggest we leave croissants, puff pastry, meringues, and any other recipes that are a pain to make in hot weather for milder months (spring/fall). Right now it´s almost summer in the southern hemisphere and it´s 95º outside.

  4. 8th and the 22nd sound good to me. I think we should be nice to those not living in the frozen tundra and save croissants for when it’s a little cooler everywhere. My vote is:
    Pizza with Onion Confit p330
    French Apple Tart p379

  5. I’m so delighted that so many want to make the Pizza with Onion Confit! I put that on my list of things to bake this week…before I tackled the Pulla! ;) Good Choice!!!! That Apple Tart looks glorious too. So, my vote is:

    Pizza with Onion Confit p 159
    French Apple Tart p 379

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