BWJ P&Q: Alsatian Onion Tart

Add a little salad and this sounds like a pretty good dinner or brunch dish.   Any questions or advice?

BWJ LYL: Puff Pastry Pizzettes

Did you use up all the scraps from last time?  Let’s see those links!

Also, our November schedule will go up on Wednesday, so if you want to put in a nomination, there’s still a little time…see the previous post.

BWJ November Nominations

I’m so excited for TWD Baking Chez Moi to kick off in November, but I’m also excited for next month’s BWJ recipes! What do you think we should make from BWJ?  Please nominate one sweet/breakfast recipe and one savory/bread recipe (with page numbers).

You can check out the Completed Recipes page if you need a reminder of all the things we’ve done already.

BWJ P&Q: Puff Pastry Pizzettes

Do you have scraps left from the apricot pastries?  Any questions or advice?

LYL: Sunny-Side Up Apricot Pastries

How’d it go?  Deliciously, I hope– let’s see those links!

LYL: Rewind!

Did you make something this week?  Let’s see those links!

LYL: Classic French Bread

Let’s see those links!

LYL: Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes

Bake from summer break and ready for cake–let’s see those links!

LYL: Baking Powder Biscuits

Let’s see those links!

LYL: Poppy Seed Torte

What did you think of this one??  Let’s see those links!

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