January 2014! Recipe suggestions?

Please include two choices – a savory and a sweet would be ideal. Also add the page numbers.

What do you think?

Tuesday Chatter

So, did these turn out for you? What did you add? What did you change? Do tell!

LYL: Gingersnaps

Let’s see how yours turned out!

P & Q: Gingersnaps

So along with challah, the thing I bake most often in the winter are gingersnaps. We LOVE ginger at my house. Curious to see how these compare with my favorite recipe.

Tuesday Chatter

Do you have a new favorite bread? Did you make amazing french toast, bread pudding, or stuffing with the leftovers? Do tell!

LYL – Challah!

Let us know how yours turned out!

P & Q – Challah

So, I bake challah either every week or every other week. I have my tried and true favorite, but I’ll see how this one stacks up. What do you need to know about this one?

December recipes!

There are three Tuesdays in December. We’ll use the third as a rewind/catch up day.

December 3 – Challah p. 93

December 17 – Gingersnaps p. 324

December 31 – Rewind! And happy New Year!

Tuesday Chatter

Are these going into your cookie rotation? Do tell!

LYL: Double Chocolate Cookies


Thanks, Mireia for the photo!

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