Upward and onward – recipes for March!

Nominations, please. One savory and one sweet. Make sure you include page numbers. I’m looking forward to trying something new.

February Recipes – Nominations, Please

It’s that time again! What would you like to bake in February? One savory and/or one sweet, please. Make sure you include the page number.

January recipes!!! And opinions needed, please

So, what would you like to make in the new year? One savory and one sweet, please! Don’t forget to include the page numbers.

Also, the first Tuesday is New Year’s Day. Would you (collectively) like to push back and post on the 8th and 22nd? Or on the 8th and 15th with the 29th as a rewind? I’ll go with the majority.

Let me know!

Recipes for December!

We’re posting on the 4th and 18th?  What would you like to bake?  Please choose one or two recipes and provide page numbers.  Looking forward to some deliciousness!

Recipe Nominations for November!

We have the 6th and 20th as our first and third Tuesdays this month.  What would you like us to bake?  Please leave just recipe names and page numbers.  Two nominations per post!

**The second Tuesday is BEFORE American Thanksgiving.

Recipe Nominations, please. October is around the corner!

I know.  It’s freaking me out a little.  What would you like to bake in October?  Three Tuesdays in October mean two scheduled recipes and one make-up (for slackers like me).

What would you like to see scheduled?  Please respond with one or two recipe choices and a page number.


Recipe Nominations for September, please!

It’s not fall yet, but it’s in the air!  Please leave your nominations for September.  We’ll be baking on the 4th and 18th.  Perhaps something savory?  Maybe sweet?  A base recipe to build on?  Please include pages and a minimum of chatter.  This post will close on the 18th.

August Recipes

Nominate ‘em here!  August 7 and 21.  Please make sure to include the page number.

This post will close on Sunday the 22nd.

Recipe nominations for July, please!

What is on your list of things you’d like to make next?  Is there a base recipe to master before we move on to a great variation?

Leave your choice and page number please.  And as always, this is a NO CHAT post.

Nominations close on 6/15.

Recipe Nominations for May!

It’s that time of the month again!

Just to review:  We ask for nominations. An executive committee will review the nominations. One simple and one more difficult recipe will be chosen to be featured the following month. Next week, we will ask for volunteers to host said recipes on another post. A host for each recipe will be chosen by random number generator from the list of volunteers.  Once you have hosted, you move to the back of the line to give others the same chance.

Pick something good!

Enter your recipe nomination for May in the comments below. Please include page numbers. Recipe Nominations will close on 4/15/12.

Please leave Recipe Nominations only. This is a NO CHAT post.

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