P&Q: Sunny-Side Up Apricot Pastries (& Puff Pastry Dough)

Are you making your own puff dough for these breakfast treats?  Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the BWJ episode showing how to make both the puff pastry dough and the pastries.

October Schedule

Sounds like we’re on for puff month!  Of course you can use store-bought puff pastry dough for these recipes, but hopefully you’re up for the challenge of making you own dough over the next few weekends (on pages 46-49).  Here’s a video of the BWJ episode showing how to make both the puff pastry dough and the pastries.

October 7, 2014- Sunny-Side Up Apricot Pastries, p 192-194 (feel free to sub canned apricots, which you don’t need to poach, or another fruit)

October 21, 2014- Puff Pastry Pizzettes, p 428 (this is designed to use the scraps from the above recipe)

The Tourte Milanese recipe also had some interest, but with so many steps and a big shopping list, I thought it would be a lot to tackle in one month for those making homemade dough…I’ll float around the idea of making it next month when we have extra dough already made.  Here are some tips on saving scraps and freezing extra homemade puff dough:

-Puff pastry is precious stuff, so save any clean scraps. Stack or overlap them, rather than balling them up, to help keep the integrity of the layers. Then give them a singe “turn” if necessary and gently re-roll. Scrap puff can be used for applications where a super-high rise is not necessary.

-Extra puff pastry dough freezes beautifully. It’s best to roll it into a sheet about 1/4-inch thick (similar to store-bought puff) and freeze firm on a lined baking sheet. Then you can easily wrap the sheet in plastic, then foil (and if you have a sealable plastic bag big enough, place the wrapped dough inside) and return to the freezer for up to a few months. Defrost in the refrigerator when ready to use.


P&Q: Rewind!

Are you making up a missed recipe or revisiting an old favorite?  If you have any questions, I bet someone can help.

LYL: Classic French Bread

Let’s see those links!

October Nominations

Over the last few months in the nominations comments, we’ve been throwing around the idea of having “puff month” since there are several recipes in the book designed to use homemade puff pastry..making the dough and a recipe using it one week and then a second recipe using it the next.  October could be a good time to do this, as hopefully it’s (at least relatively) cool in most parts of the world.  What do you think?  If you’re up for that, then please nominate the two recipes you’d like to make using puff pastry (with page numbers).

If you’re not into a month of puff, what do you think we should make in October?  Please nominate one sweet/breakfast recipe and one savory/bread recipe (with page numbers).

You can check out the Completed Recipes page if you need a reminder of all the things we’ve done already.

P&Q: Classic French Bread

By now we’ve had a lot of practice with bread in TWD, but making a baguette/batard still seems a little intimidating to me.  Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the episode.

LYL: Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes

Bake from summer break and ready for cake–let’s see those links!

P&Q: Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes

Looking forward to trying this recipe since I’m seeing lots of nice plums at the market.  Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the episode.

LYL: Baking Powder Biscuits

Let’s see those links!

September Schedule

Here’s what we have coming up next month.  There’s an extra Tuesday in September, so use it to make something you missed or to take a break.

September 2, 2014- Oven-Roasted Plum Cakes, p 255-256

September 16, 2014- Classic French Bread, p 123-127

September 30, 2014- Rewind Week!

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