LYL: Poppy Seed Torte

What did you think of this one??  Let’s see those links!

LYL: Rewind!

Did you make something this week?  If so, let’s see those links!

P&Q: Poppy Seed Torte

I know we have a P&Q for Rewind Week also active, but since Poppy Seed Torte comes the following week, I thought we should have this up, too.  Any questions or advice?

Here’s a video of the PBS episode with the cake.

P&Q: Rewind!

Are you making up a missed recipe or revisiting an old favorite?  If you have any questions, I bet someone can help.

LYL: Vanilla Pound Cake

Let’s see those links!

August Schedule

Here’s what’s what for August:

August 5, 2014- Poppy Seed Torte, p 258-260

August 19, 2014-  Baking Powder Biscuits, p 211-212

August Nominations

What do we want to make next month?  Please nominate one sweet/breakfast recipe and one savory/bread recipe (with page numbers) to make next month.

You can check out the Completed Recipes page if you need a reminder of all the things we’ve done already.

P&Q: Vanilla Pound Cake

Cake!!  And this one will be good with summer fruit, too.

Any questions?  Any advice?


LYL: Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

Happy Canada Day!!

Let’s see those links!


P&Q: Leaf-Shaped Fougasse

I know we’ve made the focaccia dough before (which requires an overnight rest, if I remember correctly), but I’m interested in trying this shape.

Any questions?  Any advice?

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