19 thoughts on “Recipe for February 5, 2008

  1. I will be starting this cake tonight. I am positive that my cake will look nothing like the book! I would love to make the chocolate curls, but when I try to curl the chocolate, I only get shavings…So, I too am anxious to see what ours looks like! :)

  2. I am thinking I will make the cake Sunday. (Still no white chocolate. I need to get on that tomorrow.) With all the steps and what not, I need Jas at home to rally the kids while I do it. And I have a hockey game tomorrow.

    I am wicked excited about it though! I agree, mine will look nothing like the book. But Ill give it my best.

  3. I’m probably/hopefully making mine tomorrow. My Daring Baker burned boob incident has led to a little boobal infection and I’ve been feeling like butt this week. Hopefully tomorrow I’ll be feeling better and will be ready to make the cake.

  4. Tried to bake the cake on Saturday, the results are comically bad. *groans and covers her face* The only thing my attempt was good for will be making y’all laugh! It looks nothing like the book, and I had to make a substitution and… gah!

  5. I am bringing up the rear. White chocolate cream in the fridge. Rest yet to be tackled. Praying to get it all done before it gets dark here. Taking pictures at night is hard as hell.

  6. Me either! Im so not feeling that great today. I almost bailed on making this cake. I buckled down and finished it. I am going to leave it in the fridge over night to chill. I definitely need more practice with layer cakes. I was awful at cutting the cakes in half. I was not so great with frosting the sides and not so great with making it nice and smooth. I think I like cupcakes even more now, because piping frosting on is just so easy!

    So, please forgive my mess tomorrow. I promise to get better with time. :)

  7. I just finished typing this out, and oh my word it is long!! anyways, if you want to post the recipe, I can copy it to you.

    Laurie- my layer cakes bite! Not pretty at all!!

    Jaime-any idea for next week?

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