How are the cakes coming along?

How is it going ladies? Who has made their cake? Who is procrastinating? (That would be me.)

Give me all the gooey details…


45 thoughts on “How are the cakes coming along?

  1. I haven’t made mine yet – probably will make it Saturday.

    Is anybody else at high altitude? I think I should have modified the muffins and Black and White Chocolate cake for altitude and that’s what caused them to be off. I don’t want to have the same thing happen with this one, but I’m not sure if I should mod it or not.

  2. haven’t started yet….glad to know some of you are personalizing the recipe….I wasn’t sure if that was allowed! I seriously love chocolate, so I’m pumped for this one.

  3. The like for Life in the Pink Kitchen has a period after the http, and that’s why it isn’t working.

    I’m so excited to make my cake. My book came yesterday (a Valentine’s day miracle!:)) and I’m going to make my cake tomorrow. I’m glad to hear it’s been turning out well for everyone else!

  4. Hello all! I’m stoked to be a part of a Dorie fan site. She is fantastical. :)

    I haven’t started the cake yet, but I had one question. I haven’t to cut the recipe in half because my husband and I are on a diet and don’t want to eat that entire care by ourselves. How would I have the eggs?

    Sorry if that’a dumb questions. LOL

  5. Michelle,

    I “halved” the eggs when I made it. I basically did the best I could. Let some of the white slide in the bowl, let the rest of it go into the sink, then put the yolk in a different bowl, mixed it up a bit, then put half in with the other yolks. Don’t worry too much about it. It will be fine. By the way, I then used 4 small ramekins and that was perfect for half the recipe.

  6. I’m thinking I might be able to do this recipe again because I cook for myself and I have no one to give this cake too! And there is no way I could polish off this whole thing, as much as I’d like too :) I don’t have a springform pan or ramekins either to halve it. uh oh!

  7. I’d suggest making the full recipe and then freezing the cake in quarter or half-size pieces. That way you don’t have to be concerned about halving the eggs and you have dessert for a rainy day.

    Cake turned out fine. I’m getting ready to glaze it now.

  8. I made mine with 70% cocoa bars. The batter was seriously chocolately, the glaze was wickedly chocolately, and I am worried I over did it. Final verdict is outstanding.

  9. I hope to make mine today, since I don’t have to work this weekend. The kiddos are much better this weekend than last (one was actively sick and the other was still recovering), so I should be able to do a lot more. I’m still trying to decide which chocolate to use–you should see my pantry. =)

  10. Di- if I can give any advice, its dont go uber bitter. I went overboard. And I think we would have enjoyed the cake more had I not chosen the 70%. Its still gooood. But its sharp, if that makes sense.

    Cant wait to hear how it goes!

  11. I hope I’m able to make the cake this week! Between my husband being sick at the beginning of the week and me catching his illness at the end of the week (still continuing today… :( ), I’m not sure whether it will actually happen. There’s no way I’m cooking such a wonderful sounding dessert if I’m not able to enjoy it. Let’s hope I’m feeling better by Monday and can get it done then, it doesn’t look like a difficult recipe. Either way I’ll definitely be trying the recipe at some point in time.

  12. just came out of the oven! i chose to make it this morning so i’d be less likely to eat all the batter and ruin the experience…just don’t crave sweets in the morning like i do the rest of the day! it’s not very tall…hope it’s right….this was great for me because I got to use my new springform again and i’ve never used bar chocolate to make anything….really.

  13. Laurie–Thanks for the advice. I have some 70%, but I was thinking that I’d probably go with the 58.5% (El Rey Bucare). It’s very chocolately without being too bitter.

  14. good to hear all the feedback! i’ve been procrastinating too and my grocery store was out of bittersweet chocolate yesterday! but i have some 60% cacao that i’m wondering if i should use up so that i don’t have to make another grocery store run….

  15. Very tasty! Used 60%, and D and me would’ve been happier with darker too. Ran out of chocolate, so I ended up using a semi sweet to make the ganache I wanted. For those who found it too dark, I’d suggest the semi sweet ganache to cut that. It ended up being a too sweet on the ganache for us to call it perfect, I’d use a very dark chocolate for it. D and me are lovers of the bitter chocolate.

    This cake is the best!

  16. i made mine with a 66% alpaco chocolate, which gave it a bit of a ‘woody, earthy’ taste, and can anyone spell G.O.O.D?? it was absolutely fab! a true chocolatey experience…

  17. I made mine already – and as you’ll read in the blog post, I made it 3 times! (not because I wanted too, either…) I didn’t realize that not only would the top crack and the cake would shrink as it came out of the oven, but that the top would pretty much separate from the cake itself. That was interesting. All in all, the cake was FANTASTIC. Everyone gave it truly rave reviews! I will definitely make it again now that I know what to expect!!! :) Awesome challenge!!

  18. Melissa, I’m glad to know that didn’t just happen to me. And when I flipped it onto a cooling rack, I may or may not have decided that no one was going to see it anyways and munched on all the pieces that fell off. Yum!

  19. I made mine last thursday (a valentines day present for myself) and I found it really easy to make! It’s not my favorite recipe, though. I’m not a big dark chocolate fan. I even used some semi-sweet in the glaze, but it was still too bitter for me. But the texture of the cake was incredible! It’s probably for the best that it was too bitter for me. Otherwise, I’d have easily eaten the whole thing myself!

  20. No cake for me today :(. There was just no time after sicknesses to make it happen. I’m thinking about making both of the recipes on Sunday so I’ll post about them then! I’ll be peeking at everyone else’s cakes today though. I’m sure they’re great!

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