Have ya made your biscuits?

Has anyone made their biscuity goodness yet? How did they turn out? Im anxious to hear the details. Im hoping to squeeze mine in this weekend. But may not get them done till Monday.

Let the biscuit talking commence!


30 thoughts on “Have ya made your biscuits?

  1. I made mine on Tuesday night. They tasted really good, but didn’t look too good, unfortunately. I think I know where I messed up, so I’ll explain it all on the blog on Tuesday!

  2. Tara…after tasting the dough before putting in the pecans, I’m willing to bet that they would taste great without any nuts added. The dough is really tasty all by itself!

  3. I made them this morning. We really like them. I used a 2″ biscuit cutter as we are bringing them with us camping. It made 20. If I would have used the 3.5″ cutter it probably would have made 12.

  4. I went on a biscuit cutter search this morning. Geez. I didn’t know that they’d be that hard to find! But I’ve got them now so I’ll either make the biscuits tonight or tomorrow.

    I’m really looking forward to it.

  5. I made mine this afternoon. Using a 2″ biscuit cutter, I had 22 biscuits, 6 of which went into the oven, while the remaining ones went, unbaked, into the freezer, to be baked at a later date. I think you could make them a bit thicker or use a larger biscuit cutter (or a glass if you don’t have the cutters).

  6. a regular round cookie cutter works just as well as a biscuit cutter, too. i made mine for breakfast today…cut them square so no waste (half recipe gave me three large ones). i thought they were delicious, however, i wouldn’t describe them as high and flakey, like dorie did. they were more scone-like in texture…don’t know if that means i f-ed up. really good though…i would make again.

  7. Mine just came out of the oven. I guess I rolled them too thin because they got a little darker than I hoped. And I agree about them being more scone-like. They are pretty good though.

  8. Made these this morning, and they’re my new favourites! Subbed walnuts for the pecans, and didn’t have a biscuit cutter so I used a small, star shaped cooking cutter. The full recipe, rolling them out 1/2 inch thick gave me nine biscuits. That might be what’s going wrong on a few, you shouldn’t be getting more than 10 or so if you’re patting them out thick enough to rise right. (Could be very wrong here, just my guess)

    These are so tasty!

  9. The other suggestion I’d makeis just a trick. Instead of cutting the butter into the flour, instead take a cheese grater and grate frozen or very cold butter the same way you’d grate cheese. Toss the butter in the dry ingrediants, and then there’s no need to cut it in or make pebble sized anything. That way your butter is the right sze, without having a chance to warm up and mush into the dough.

  10. I made half the recipe last night and got 6, 2-inch biscuits. I just used a glass and it worked fine. Didn’t even have to flour it. Funny, I was just writing my blog entry and said I was expecting them to be “more scone-like.” Mine weren’t high, so in that way they were scone-like, but they weren’t sweet like a scone either.

  11. haven’t made mine yet, but we made her original or plain biscuits (can’t remember what they’re called at the moment) with the buttermilk option and they were pretty good….the dough was sooooo good I thought they were going to be outstanding….but just pretty good. Not very flaky….looking forward to the pecan recipe for tuesday..

  12. Definitely go with the suggestion to grate the butter – America’s Test Kitchen gave me the idea, and it always works! I’m in the midst of making them, and luckily I like both biscuit textures and scone textures. I wonder if subbing out more of the AP flour with cake flour would help with that? Let me know if anyone used that option and if they turned out!

  13. I made mine this morning and was really happy with how they turned out! Flakey and soft and delicious. Re-rolling out dough scraps freaks me out becuase I’m scared the dough will become tough so I just rolled out the dough and cut it into 12. I am definitely going to keep the grated butter trick in mind, thanks. :) I think these are more dough-y than scones are but I haven’t had many biscuits so I’m not sure.

  14. i got 14 out of my batch while only re-rolling the dough once. mine turned out more like scones as well and i’m so happy to hear that i’m not the only one! :) they were good though, both hubby and i enjoyed them.

  15. I made mine this weekend as well and they were great! My fiance, who is typically not as into baked goods (he’s more of a chocolate guy) ate 5 at one go! I guess I shouldn’t have halved the recipe….

  16. just got mine out of the oven (I’m a procrastinator, I know! LOL) and I did it again… I rolled them too flippin’ thin. Arg! But they are sooooo good anyway. With honey they were awesomeness!

  17. I finally got my post up! If anybody sees this, can you tell me whether WordPress is significantly better than Blogger? I’m having major issues with editing on Blogger. Anyway, just let me know! Thanks!

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