Recipe for March 4, 2008

Erin of Dinner and Dessert has chosen…

Snickery Squares on pages 120-122.

Next week’s recipe selection will come from Natalie of Burned Bits.


11 thoughts on “Recipe for March 4, 2008

  1. I actually made these last month and ended up buying the dulce de leche at a specialty store. Regular markets sometime carry it alongside the evaporated and condensed milks though, so check there first.

  2. I’m glad y’all like it! This was one of the first recipes to catch my attention when I bought this book. It was a tough decision though, but we’ll be baking them all eventually right?
    Madame Chow- I bought some dulce de leche, but I think that I will give the homemade version a try instead! Thanks for posting!

  3. Since I already made those I guess I will just link back to them. It’s good, I am sick and need a week off anyway.
    Oh and as someone who has made them…they are great…good choice.

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