Have you baked up your Snickery Squares??

I picked up all the ingredients, then forgot the peanuts. DOH! I will be snagging them at the store today.

Have you made yours? How did they turn out? Can’t wait to hear the reviews!


39 thoughts on “Have you baked up your Snickery Squares??

  1. I haven’t made mine yet, but plan to tomorrow. A friend is coming over for lunch on Saturday so I thought they’d be perfect for dessert! I think I have everything that I need on hand, except for the peanuts.

  2. I’m mostly a weekend baker, especially if I’m trying out a new recipe, and plan to turn them out on Saturday or Sunday. I would never make this kind of thing normally, being a cake lover above all else, so this will be a great challenge!

  3. I made these a few weeks ago and they took a LONG time, so be prepared. I didn’t really care for the dulche de leche very much (even though I do love caramel), but I finally got over my fear of caramelizing nuts, which made it all worthwhile!

    Have fun!

  4. Ladies, I won’t officially be taking part this week – we have to fly out of town at the crack of down tomorrow morning, and won’t be back until next Wednesday. I did make my dulce de leche, and will try to catch up with all of you, if I don’t devour the whole thing, first! I look forward to seeing all your goodies!

  5. I made mine today. They are still in the fridge cooling. I substituted pistachios for the peanuts cause my son has a peanut allergy. They tasted great with the candied sugar. I am so excited to try them.

  6. Maybe I missed this in the recipe, but how do you make the candied peanuts? I don’t think we have those in my area unless they are the same as honey roasted peanuts?? I’m planning on making mine on Sunday. :)

  7. Will pick up peanuts tomorrow, have all the other ingredients here already. I boiled 5 cans of condensed milk a while ago when I made banoffee pie and still have some of those in my pantry, so no worries on the dulce de leche.

    I think I will start tomorrow otherwise Saturday.

  8. Snickers is the candy bar I truly can’t stand, so I ain’t gonna be making these. To stay with the theme though, Im gonna try a Krackle and a Goodbar bar instead, in honour of my g-daddy and will explain why in the post *giggle*

  9. Even though I have all the ingredients, I won’t make them until Monday. Tuesday I’ll be bringing dessert to my quilt group, so I want it to be fresh dessert. And, this way I won’t be tempted to eat it all myself. Now, I just have to find something for the chocolate haters. . . . .

  10. i just made mine… and took my first bite after it only being in the fridge for 10 mins…. i just couldnt wait!!
    and omg! it’s sooooooooooooo good!!! i wld leave it in the fridge much longer, though… it’s too soft to cut, but definately still absolutely delish!

  11. Made it yesterday, turned out really well. Tried it today, man, is this a rich cake!!! But very good :-)
    Be careful with cutting it right out of the fridge, the chocolate layer might crack!

  12. ohmigawd is right! I made my dulce de leche (my grocery store does not have it) last night and made the bars this morning. They are sooo rich! I haven’t eaten anything else so I actually feel a little sick. Haha. That’ll teach me to indulge with out first eating my breakfast!
    P.S. My dulce de leche is very thick (almost too difficult to cut). Is this usual?

  13. I’m in the process of making mine right now. But if I don’t stop eating the caramel peanuts (while I’m waiting for the crust to cool enough for assembly), I won’t have enough left for the bars. =) I’m not usually a big peanut person, but boy are they tasty.

  14. Would you all disown me if I ran out of time? I havent missed a week yet, since I started this “cult” on Jan 1. But, I am running out of time. The Hero took up all my baking energy this weekend. I am hoping to get the baking itch tomorrow.

  15. what??! Unacceptable!! i keed i keed. I think the rules were at least 2x a month so I am sure that applies to our fearless TWD leader too. You do your thang… Can’t wait to see the CH roundup!

  16. I made mine yesterday. Made the dulce de leche which turned out great. The bars tasted good but I am anxious to see what others looked like. I would do a few things different next time.

  17. i made mine yesterday and boy were they RICH!! they turned out pretty good; i’m not a nut fan but i gave them a go anyway. i did have a tough time caramelizing the peanuts though – it was almost as if there wasn’t enough sugar & water for the amount of peanuts the recipe called for. anyone else come across this?

  18. I just finished making mine. They are in the fridge as I type. Cannot wait to try them! I think my mom will be jealous since snickers are her fave candy and I live a state away. I may have to make them again in 2 weeks when she comes for a visit.

  19. I am just getting ready to make mine…just logging in to check things out before I start…this is my first week.

    I couldn’t find dulce de leche around here, and since I waited until the last minute, didn’t plan to make my own. I bought a good butterscotch caramel sauce instead. I think that will work too. I’ll let you all know!

  20. The butterscotch caramel tasted fine, but it was a bit too thin and runny. Next time, I’ll plan better. Still, a successful recipe. So rich, though…I could only eat a tiny piece. I was planning to take the rest to my class this morning (I teach college English), but we have a SNOW DAY today! :-)

  21. Missed out this week girls…family stuff. But I am looking forward to checking out how all of yours turned out as well as taking a crack at them in the next couple of weeks! Happy Tuesday!

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