Recipe for March 11, 2008

Natalie of Burned Bits has chosen…

Russian Grandmothers’ Apple Pie-Cake on pages 310-311.

Next week’s recipe selection will come from Culinary Concoctions by Peabody.


17 thoughts on “Recipe for March 11, 2008

  1. yeah! a great combo of my husbands favorite apple pie and my favorite cake anything…haven’t actually read the recipe yet, but I am looking forward to making and eating it…….

  2. Would it be ok if I made the apple turnovers mentioned in the Playing Around portion of this recipe? My brother has been asking me about making some turnovers so I thought this would be a good opportunity.

  3. Lori- The “Playing Around” options are always acceptable. Cant wait to see how they turn out!

    I am going to do the deep dish pie plate option. I have had a deep dish pie plate for 3 years and never used it. I finally have a reason!

  4. I made this last night and served it tonight. It was different, but I really liked it. I halved the recipe and made it in an 8-inch square pan. Just remember that if you do this to reduce the baking time just a little bit. It was yummy and I think everyone will like it!

  5. Jhianna- I knew it was time for a cookie or a brownie! I just couldn’t wait any longer =) I’m glad you chose this recipe though. It’s delicious!

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