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Hey my lovely ladies, and cool dude! (Thank you noskos! I was beginning to get a complex about not having any guys in TWD. LOL)

When I first posted about TWD, I did so just to get myself to bake a little more. I thought it would be a good way to have something weekly to post about as well. When I asked for someone to join me,  I had noooo idea it would turn into a 70+ fabulous Dorie cult!

I wanted to take a second to open the good ole suggestion box. Comments on anything you want concerning TWD. Tell me what you think about the blog, the rotation, the posts…. Let it fly. Now is your chance to get on your soap box if ya have one! ;)

18 thoughts on “Suggestion Box

  1. hehe but seriously… not to imitate DB too much but is there a way for members to post questions via blog for help? Other than that I think the rotation is fair, love the group’s camaderie and laurie is fierce… etc etc.

  2. What in the world could you possibly improve about TWD? Agree with CB, it would be nice if we had a way to post our comments and questions and get to know each other a little bit. That’s the only suggestion I could think of.

  3. Maybe a logo that you could put on your blog showing that you are part of this fabulous group??
    And I also agree that it would be nice if there was a place where we could get together for questions, tips and tricks…

  4. CB and LT- We are trying to come up with a way to allow posting. I understand wanting to be able to ask questions. However, I want to avoid posts becoming a total mess IF and when we should grow to large numbers. Let us think about how to do this or what ground rules will apply and I will get back to you.

    noskos- I am in the process of getting us a logo and an avatar. Shouldn’t be too much longer. :)

  5. My only suggestion would be coming up with a lovely little logo to add to our posts, and a blog roll, so that we can post it on our sites (should we so desire—and I do).

    Otherwise, I’m having a blast baking all these goodies that I’d normally never bake! FUN!

  6. All I really have to say is that Laurie is amazing! I am so glad to be part of this group and I’m having so much fun baking from this book every week. I do think the logo idea would be great though! It would be nice to be able to post and get to know each other better, but everything about the group is pretty much perfect!

  7. I love how it is now… one think that would really help me with planning is if we can find out maybe a few days earlier what the next week’s choice is. (Like I’m making desserts for Easter, I’d like to use my TWD item, but I don’t know what it will be/if I can use it as an Easter dessert)

  8. I like the logo and the blogroll ideas. This is such a fun group and I am having so much fun with the recipes each week. I don’t think that much needs to be changed at all!

  9. Well if you just let me post questions we’ll be good ;) You could also have a questions and problems post each week where people can go for help.

    As far as rotation … hehe I wouldn’t mind being put at the end of the list after your week is up. Ok ok who am I kidding I’m just hoping to pick again and I know it’s not happening.

    My suggestions are useless (except for the prob/question one)

    Laurie is def the fiercest thing around!

  10. How about an invite-only Flickr group? That way, we could all put photos of the finished product in a group pool and they’d be easily accessible. I’ve used Flickr for years, so if you decide to go that route and need any help, let me know.

  11. A humble suggestion ~

    On posting day, I think there should be one blog post here to which we can all reply to identify that we have posted our Dorie goods.

    As the membership grows, this will make it easy to go through the blogs that have joined for that week.

    :) Thanks Laurie

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