Problems & Questions: Caramel-Topped Flan

If you have problems or questions about your Flan post them here.


42 thoughts on “Problems & Questions: Caramel-Topped Flan

  1. I am scaling this and making it for dessert tomorrow night because if I don’t it won’t get made since we’re going out of town until Monday. I’ll post about my thoughts/issues after it’s done!

  2. 1. I don’t have ceramic ramekins. Do you think glass ones would be ok in the oven?

    2. Any recs to make something with the leftover egg whites?

  3. I made mine last night and was afraid at first that the caramel seemed too thick. But after the requisite chilling time, it unmolded easily and the caramel was liquid-y and flowed out. For those who are scaling the recipe, I made a 1/3 portion of the caramel and 1/2 portion of the custard which filled 2 individual ramekins (on the larger side).

  4. You can freeze the egg whites and then next time you make something that calls for them, just defrost them in the freezer overnight. Yolks dry out if you try that, but egg whites are good as new! Or you could make an omelette. Or an angel food cake. Or pavlova.

  5. I’m with Karina–I freeze extra whites, and when I have enough, I usually make angel food cake. Rose Levy Beranbaum’s Cake Bible has an excellent recipe for chocolate angel food cake. Yum.

  6. My flan came out delicious, but no way was there near as much caramel as the picture shows. It’s almost like the photo in the book has double the caramel sauce. We looked at it like, “Where’s the rest of it?” BTW, it’s all already gone {:-0

  7. zakia – i believe it’s for the water bath; i’ve never done that before w/a water bath but i followed dorie’s instructions and it turned out perfect

    i recommend doubling the caramel sauce. i can’t imagine there being enough if you follow the recipe as is. then again, i like a lot of sauce w/everything so maybe it’s just me :)

  8. saving the extra whites for DB challenge is a great plan (since this month’s DB uses no yolks)!
    zakia– the paper towels act as an insulator from the heat of the bottom of the water bath pan and help keep the cake pan or ramekins stay put and not slide around if you are moving it. you can use a tea towel instead.

  9. Mine is in the oven right now! I think I may have pulled the caramel off the heat too soon because it’s not very dark but I guess we’ll see how it looks when it’s done.

  10. I just tasted mine. Yum!!! I followed Caroline’s directions and made a 1/3 of the caramel and 1/2 the custard. I was afraid I wouldn’t have enough caramel though. But when I plated it, while not a lot of caramel (nothing near the pic in the book), it definitely coated the custard. I also added a bit of orange zest to the caramel to give it a bit of citrus kick.

    I’m glad I made two! It was so tasty! I have another to look forward to tomorrow!

  11. It would be interesting to find out how much caramel was actually used in the original recipe from the book. Was it doubled just for the photo shoot?

    While mine was absolutely delicious, it would have been so much better with more caramel.

  12. Mine is baking right now… I accidently sloshed a little of the custard into the waterbath while putting it in my oh-so-uneven oven. Hopefully I didn’t slosh any water into the custard in the process! I’m thinking of rotating it half way through so that my flan isn’t totally lopsided!

  13. I made mine yesterday and had some issues (I’m new to making flan-custardy things).
    First, the caramel was essentially clear, but I was afraid if I cooked it any longer it would become hard. Second, I had some issues with my oven – it’s new so I’m just getting used to it- but I tried convection bake for this and it just wasn’t getting done so I switched to regular bake and it still took a long time. All-in-all I think I baked this for over an hour. Then the taste… too eggy – I’m not a fan of egg yolks so I may just be sensitized to it, but any ideas on what happened?

  14. Mine is still in the pan in the fridge. Made it saturday for a party I was hosting, but there was so much food, it simply didn’t get put out.
    It’ll be dessert for tonight.

    No issues as of yet, will have to see how the un-molding goes. My caramel got quite solid in the baking pan while I was making the custard…

    Then again, Dorie doesn’t make allotments for dogs that jump fences… I had to run out the door and drive around the neighborhood chasing the dog for 5 minutes during making it. Thankfully he waited until I was done with the caramel before making a run for freedom.

  15. When caramelizing sugar, you just cook it, without stirring, until it turns golden to dark golden brown. At that point, just watch it closely, because it can burn/turn black pretty quickly. Then immediately pour it into the mold/molds. It will harden, but that’s ok.

    Regular baking heat is probably best for custards rather than convection. I made 6 individual flans instead of one big one, and I ended up cooking them slightly longer than the recipe suggested.

    Unmolding should be straightforward. Mine have been refrigerated for several days and I have no problem removing them from their containers. I just invert them, hold my warm hand over the bottom for a minute or so, and the flan pops right out with a nice sauce surrounding it. This was an easy recipe all in all.

  16. Did anyone else go for the Coconut Flan? I cooked it in 8 4-oz ramekins and it took about 45 minutes but never got golden on top or puffed at all- I haven’t unmolded it yet but I was just hoping that it isn’t undercooked. I also doubled the caramel sauce because I was afraid there wouldn’t be enough to cover the bottom of all the ramekins due to the earlier comments about the lack of caramel. Good thing I did- there was barely enough. Thanks for the warning!

  17. I had some problems with unmolding, but I should have used a thinner knife to cut it loose. But the taste was fabulous! Just like the better ones I had in Spain and Mexico.

  18. Well, this was going to be my first week baking with the group, but my husband threw out his back yesterday and can’t move from bed. So I’m taking care of him AND the baby today, and it doesn’t look like I’m going to get around to baking the flan. Looking forward to participating next week though, and can’t wait to see your posts tomorrow.

  19. I thought I’d make the flan, despite the fact that I really can’t stand it. Well, it’s Monday, and super hot in Southern California, and the last think I can even think about making is rich, icky flan. Forgive me TWD. Please forgive me.

  20. The flan itself tasted pretty good… but I think the weekend in the fridge hindered the caramel sauce. It came out watery with crumbly bits from the edge of the flan in it making it almost milky. Ah well. I guess if I ever make this again, I’ll make sure to serve it the same day.

  21. Judy, tanks for the tip on carmelizing sugar and on the cooking without convection. Mine flan actually ended up turning out great except the light-colored caramel. But, the coconut version tasted amazing once it had been in the fridge for a while (my first tasting that was “too eggy” was because I was overanxious and ate it warm). It definitely needs to set-up in the fridge as she says in the recipe. Hmmm…
    I’m glad this recipe was chosen and can tell that I have a LOT to learn!

  22. I thought mine was very eggy, and I ate it warm too…hmmm…can’t wait to go home and see if its taste changed now that it’s been sitting overnight.

    What a fun challenge this was!

  23. I can’t tell if my flan is overcooked or undercooked. It came out TOO custardy and I want my flan to be more stiff. The first two times I made it it was perfect, the flan was firm. I can’t tell what I’m doing wrong now, I steam it for 40 minutes but now it’s custard-like. Please help!

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