Slogan Suggestions??

Hey Girls and Guys~

I have the ball rolling on a header and avatar for us. But, I am drawing a blank on a slogan. I figure 90 people can surely come up with something together!

Give me your suggestions for a slogan for TWD. Also, if you have any brilliant ideas for the header/avatar, let those fly as well.

I wanna hear what yall think!


38 thoughts on “Slogan Suggestions??

  1. I can’t be outdone by Rachel and LT.

    Ghost ride the whip cream
    Better Butter Baking w/ Dorie
    Superman that dough
    Crank that oven up

  2. CB enough with the superman song (I know that’s why you’re trying to put superman in the title)

    I’m terrible with slogans so don’t ask me for help, but I do like Making Tuesdays Tasty and LT you crack me up I love your too.

  3. well, i have absolutely nothing to contribute for a slogan but just wanted to say thanks for the laugh this morning ladies! :)

  4. OK, so I haven’t joined the group yet, I’m waiting for the book to be delivered from Amazon and I can’t wait! From what I’ve seen here today you seem like a real cool bunch of people! Again, I cannot wait to get my hands on that book!

    LOL at “TWD : Because Y’all Ain’t Got Enough To Do This Week.” :)

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