Slogan Vote

Here are the slogans I think would be best for TWD*:

  • Making Tuesdays Tasty
  • Baked Fresh Weekly
  • Bringing Baking Back
  • Tuesdays are better with butter

Write-ins welcome!

*No offense LT, your’s are all hilarious, just too long.


45 thoughts on “Slogan Vote

  1. “Baked fresh weekly” gets my vote.

    Since “Tuesday” is already in a the group name, I think it would be good to avoid a redundancy in the tagline/slogan.


  2. Maybe I like redundancy b/c Making Tuesdays Tasty is my vote. (Even though I’ll just say “Superman that dough” in my head instead. LOL)

  3. #1 Making Tuesdays tasty (I like the alliteration of the Ts. You could take it further and do “Taking Tuesdays tasty” or “Turning Tuesdays tasty”)

    #2 Bringing baking back (Same thing on the alliteration)

  4. Almost forgot, “Bringing baking back” is also good because I think the times of generations passing on family recipes has gone a little by the wayside in recent decades. This slogan is a great tribute to the re-emergence of from-scratch baking being the norm and not the exception.

  5. I like Bringing Baking Back, although a little tricky on the tongue, I like the idea it brings up.
    Making Tuesdays Tasty is a fun one, too and a little easier to say.

  6. My first choice is “Making Tuesdays Tasty” because I really like the repetition of “Tuesday” – they work well together.

    “Bringing Baking Back” would be my second choice.

  7. Although all are great, personally I would pick:
    Bringing Back Baking.

    These days when something out of the box is considered “homemade” not that I am arguing against it….I do “homemade” from the box as well. It is nice to see people actually baking from scratch….taking time out of their schedules to create mouthwatering masterpieces, learning new techniques and sharing them is one of the wonderful things I love about this idea.

    Well…anyhoo, that’s my vote! Thanks for listening.

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