Recipe Rotation Propositon

Would you guys be interesting in pairing up, or even tripling up to pick a recipe quicker?


31 thoughts on “Recipe Rotation Propositon

  1. Good question. How does doubling up work?

    I think at this point, I wouldn’t mind if none of us chose and Admin picked each week. AND you could choose two or three blogs to highlight each week so we all share the opportunity to get increased traffic.

    I do read each person’s blog every week (some daily) but maybe other people don’t.

    Also, I hope this doesn’t sound b*tchy but there are people who’ve joined but aren’t really participating. What to do about that?

  2. I think it would be hard to coordinate picking with more than one person. It would probably end up being one person actually doing it and the others getting left out/over-ruled/or just slacking. There are so many recipes, I don’t mind waiting my turn.

  3. I don’t mind waiting my turn either, but I like Rachel’s thought of admin just picking the recipes. I have been one to slack lately not because I do not try to set aside time or make the recipes, but more because of family issues that have been resolved…so I am ready for this week! Sorry to everyone:)

  4. I don’t mind either way, but maybe we could alternate doing the first one in each section, then the second one in each section and so on. (I hope that makes sense.)

    But I don’t mind, what ever everyone decides is good for me.

  5. I’m with those here to bake (despite the fact that I’m also one of those whose behind in her posting of ‘TWD — but not with the baking part). Part of the fun for me is wondering what each host/ess will pick.

  6. I don’t mind if admin picks it from now on but I kinda wanna host a recipe (like a year from now when I get my turn) b/c I am a AW-CW like that. haha.

  7. I think the idea of admin picking….maybe rotating through sections of the book in a systematic way…like the first cookie, first cake, first pie, first breakfast bread….second cookie, second cake, second pie,….and so on. Then highlighting several blogs specifically would be great! As for people not participating…and I am one of them b/c personal stuff has interfered the past two weeks…maybe a rule like DB? is it only two missed in a row or something?

  8. I don’t really like the idea of admin picking. Part of the fun is the variety of recipes chosen. When someone different chooses each week, the recipe will be to that person’s taste, which could get stale if it was the same person choosing every time. Plus, I don’t really see the advantage of it. What’s wrong with having the members choose?

    I joined late enough so that I’ll probably never get to choose a recipe, but really, I’m fine with that. I’m not against doubling up or whatever, but like other people said, I’m not sure that the logistics would really work.

    Honestly, TWD is growing so fast because people like the way it’s set up. I don’t think you should change that.

  9. I’m also here to bake and don’t mind waiting my turn, even if it never comes …for Dorie’s book isn’t endless! LOL
    Don’t change a thing, it’s perfect as it is… that’s why we all joined in.

  10. Looking at Laurie’s posts, she is swamped with keeping this group and her cupcake event going as it is, why give her more work with letting her pick the recipes also…
    The randomness of a different person picking a recipe is what is so much fun here, why spoil that with a systematic approach.
    And I’m sure that if it’s your turn to pick that you will take something that wasn’t done in the last few weeks, so it will work it self out eventually.

    Why do we have to complicate things….

  11. I agree, let’s not make more work for Laurie, we can all wait our turn. And Laurie, please feel free to ask for volunteers, to delegate certain tasks to if necessary!

  12. I don’t mind waiting my turn. I’m happy just as things are, and by the way thanks so much for all that you do for each of us. You are a real great co-ordinator! And, if we have cooked the whole book by the time I get to pick . . . C’est la vie! I wouldn’t mind cooking any one of the recipes two, three or even more times!!!

  13. i’d prefer to wait my turn as well, especially since i’ve only got 12 more weeks to wait. and personally, i’m not thrilled with the idea of sharing my pick as i tend to give in too easily when compromising with someone even if it means not being thrilled with the choice.

  14. I’m here to bake! I don’t have a strong preference for pairing or not. As for recipe selection, would we want to consider holiday/seasonality for a particular week, e.g., July 4th, cherries, & peaches?

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