We just wanted to remind everyone that we post our final results on Tuesdays.  We’ve noticed that a few of your delicious gooey cakes are already up.  We’re thrilled that you’re excited about posting your goodies, but if you could hold off on posting until everyone else does it would be greatly appreciated!  It’s also in your interest to wait too because when people stop by they’re guaranteed to see your gooey cakes and comment.  If they’re hidden five posts down people may miss your treats!


22 thoughts on “Reminder

  1. I’ve noticed that too.
    Tuesdays with Dorie = post on tuesday.
    Then again I didn’t realize that TWD was a play on Tuesdays with Morie so I’ll admit that I am dork too. ;)

  2. being in the southern hemisphere we get to Tuesday a little earlier than you! are you ok with that or woudl you prefer us Antipodeans to post on Wednesday?

  3. I had no idea this was the rule! I though we had all week to post, but that we had to have it posted by a deadline of Tuesday. So, mine’s already up there but I’ll make sure I don’t break the rules next time :)

  4. Also, Nikki, just read your DB blog :0) For what it’s worth, I think you need to be strict on the rules for TWD as well – ie minimum number of posts each month or else you cant play?!

  5. Haha ya I let it all out.

    And as far as TWD, that’s why Laurie sent her email out earlier this week. You have to participate twice a month if you want to play with us :)

    And for the smilies wordpress does them for you I believe ; ), : ) and : P all work

  6. Mine’s up (on Tuesday)! I always worry that I get mine up too late (not too early) because I don’t get the chance to post until I get home from work. :( (…and I’m afraid to use the “timestamp” because it never cooperates with me).
    Anyway, it’s up. Please go check it out!

  7. since i had to miss the last two i don’t really have a leg to stand on…..but i think it would be good to have a minimum posts per month. since this is 4 posts, maybe 3/4 each month? DB is just once so it’s a little different and missing once or twice is really one or two months….i’m so glad the group is growing so much!

  8. CARRIE – don’t worry as long as you get it up on Tuesday you’re good.

    MARY – We have a twice a month rule (so don’t go missing more weeks :P ) An email went out about a week ago about it so if anyone isn’t getting the emails check your spam and if it’s not there we can double check for you

  9. Carrie take a look because the typed up recipes also get sent out every week before we post so if you want to be able to put the recipe up easily you may want to make sure you’re getting them

  10. Boo! I just checked my spam. It appears that I’m not getting the emails at all. :( I didn’t realize weekly emails were being sent! Please include me if it’s possible!
    CarrieLMcClain *at* gmail *dot* com
    Thanks so much!

  11. Carrie – you should be all set now :)

    Mary – can you double check your spam because you’re on the list and it’s in correctly so you should be getting them.

  12. i don’t know what the deal is because I don’t have a spam folder….I’ll just ask someone to forward it to me when it goes out….oh, and I’ll type up this week since I chose it!

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