Recipe for April 8, 2008

Mary of Starting From Scratch has chosen…

The Most Extraordinary French Lemon Cream Tart on pages 331-333

Next week’s recipe selection will come from Judy of Judy’s Gross Eats

Staff Note: We realize that many people (including yours truly) don’t necessarily like lemon. If you’d prefer, feel free to turn to page 334 and make the Fresh Orange Cream Tart this week.

41 thoughts on “Recipe for April 8, 2008

  1. I just bought a bag of meyer lemons…the first ones I’ve ever had. And, I was just sitting here making a list of what I could do with them. It must have been fate that this recipe was chosen next. ;-)

    Can’t wait!

  2. i just read the recipe and it sounds so dreamy!! i can’t wait to make this. i love that’s it’s a new technique for an old standby. thanks for the pick mary!

  3. I got a set of 3 tart pans for $11 at Michaels last weekend, by using the 50% off any single item coupon that was in last Sunday’s paper! The 3 pans are bundled as a set! There is an 8, 9, and 10 inch pan in the set, all with removable bottoms. Bed Bath and Beyond only sold an 11 inch and the tiny ones.

    I am excited to make this! Trying not to think about all the butter that’s in it though, lol. DH is gonna have to consume most of this for me!

  4. Really excited about this one!

    I love lemon cream.

    Meyer Lemons are going to be available in Vancouver (South China Seas Trading, Granville Island Market – for fellow Vancouverites) so I will make mine with Meyer Lemons.

    I am so pumped!!!

  5. This will be my first tart! And I’m very excited about it. Now I just have to decide which one to do and go get a tart pan.

    Thanks for the great choice!

  6. AWESOME!! Great pick- I am one who HATES lemon deserts (minus the cake I just made from this book for DB March) but I am on a diet so this is PERFECT because I won’t eat the whole thing (like 6 lava cakes) :O)

  7. A note for those without tart pans – I accidentally bought an 11-inch pan a while ago, which is basically useless. Instead, I use my 9-inch springform pan for tarts. It’s not quite as pretty because the edges aren’t fluted and you have to be careful to get an even height, but if you aren’t up for buying a new pan this week, that’s an idea.

  8. YAY!!!! This was the recipe that I swore I’d make first when I got this book. I found out I didn’t have enough butter for the crust AND the filling. Oh…I can hardly wait!!!!

  9. Oooooo I’m so excited! This is one of the recipes that I’ve been eyeing! Yum! This will be my first tart, too! Okay… sorry for the exclamation overload, but I’m super excited! :)

  10. I am beyond excited at next week’s choice. I’ve had this recipe bookmarked for almost a year, and now I will have the opportunity to make it. Thank you so much for choosing this!

  11. This will be perfect for my stash of frozen Meyer lemon juice and zest. My husband can’t stand lemon, but he’ll just have to suffer in the name of experimentation.

  12. This recipe really caught my eye as I browsed my new book. I just finished posting my very first TWD event and can’t wait till this week! MMmm creamy lemon tart- this is so much fun! Great choice!

  13. glad everyone is excited about the pick….it was between this and a chocolate peanut butter cake/tart thing…I let my best friend choose because it’s her birthday and I kind of persuaded her away from the chocolate and PB….

    so i’ve been looking at the gooey chocolate cakes and there are so many members it has taken me forever to get to the “D’s”. Since I’m towards the bottom of the blog roll, I have to encourage some of you out there to start at the bottom so you don’t exhaust yourselves be for you get to those of us in the latter half!!!

  14. What great timing! I actually made the lemon cream for the Daring Baker post and happen to have some left over. I was going to have to skip this week because I was going out of town. But now I’ll just make a few mini tarts and call it a day! By the way, the lemon cream is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Does anyone know if you can cut the crust recipe in half?

  15. Mary – I think we should start each week with a different letter (maybe start with the first letter of your name and go from there). I’m having a #$%^! of a time getting through all the entries now that there’s so many of us!

    I haven’t looked at the book for the recipe, but oooh, a tart! (Oh, and great tip on the tart pans Julia – I saved my coupon this week!)

  16. Hey Ladies and Gents–

    Don’t feel pressured to comment on every blog. If you are able to do so, fantastic! I know everyone appreciates a comment. But, if you are unable, no pressure. Visit the ones you can.

    ~ Laurie

  17. Mary, Natalie & All ~
    I’m at the bottom of the list as well ~ “S”.
    I noticed that it took a frickin’ long time to get to the bottom last week. I never did. I was still gawking at blogs 5 days later! This week I decided to start at the bottom and work my way to the top, and you know what? I visited every single blog. It took me way longer than I ever expected, but I think I saw some that I had never seen before.
    So, for those of you that start with “A” every week, try starting with “W” and work your way up. I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised!

  18. I started at the bottom, and I am at ‘P’ currently. It may take me a day or 2 folks. But, I will get to them all. :)

    Carrie we added you to the mailing list. I apologize that we missed your email address somewhere along the line. :)

  19. if we all just relocated to the same neighborhood we could go door to door sampling instead of blog to blog oogling=) I do have to say I really enjoy and look forward to Tuesdays!

  20. I like the door to door thing. Everybody move to Colorado! :)

    I started with the N’s this time, but still kept going until I hit everyone who posted their recipe by 11pm MT last night. I think the later comments turned more into “Good job!” than saying anything relevant though. One of these days, I’ll pick a half of the alphabet and stop when I’m done.

  21. I did top to bottom for a while, then switched from bottom to top but not everyone had their posts up when I started “oogling” gooey cakes so by the end of the day I was all mixed up and forgot who I’d seen or not! o_O

    But, I LOVE this group, so much fun! :)

  22. Just made my lemon cream! Man is it yummy! I didn’t get to 180 either. I think it stopped at about 160. It thickened up nicely though. I couldn’t help myself and ate a tiny bowl of the delicious cream!

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