An apology…

I, in no way, shape or form meant to offend anyone with my “slacker” email. If I did so, I deeply apologize. I have a sarcastic sense of humor, and apparently my humor was not picked up on. I did not mean “slacker” in a negative way. I was trying to be comical and light hearted about those that have not been participating. It was taken as offensive, and for that I am truly sorry. Of course, there are exceptions to the rules. If at any time you need to take a break because of personal issues, all I ask is that an email be sent in. I do not even need the gooey details, just let us know that you are having a rough time, or will be on vacation or that you are out of town etc…

I am serious about participation, however. It becomes unfair when not everyone is baking along with us under normal life circumstances. If you do not have time in your normal life to participate, then please do not sign up. I am a busy Mom of 3 boys under 5. I had no idea that TWD would become what it did and it takes a good chunk of time to keep it running. I do not think it inappropriate to ask that if you need to take a break, you email us to let us know.

I apologize for offending those I did. It was not my intent.


11 thoughts on “An apology…

  1. Come on people. This is a fun group. We laugh, we bake, we love dorie, we help each other. I agree with Carrie. I took the word “slacker” as light hearted and funny. Have a little humor. We all have busy lives. If you can’t participate I don’t think Laurie should feel bad about being fair and asking us to own up to the rules. JMO. (Sorry if I offend anyone)

  2. Like everyone has said, rules are rules. This is supposed to be fun. I try to make a point of commenting on everyone’s blogs most weeks (I haven’t gotten through this week yet!), but when I click on 4 or 5 blogs in a row that haven’t completed the recipe several days later, I start to wonder why people signed up at all. Several haven’t even posted on their blogs in weeks or even months. I don’t think it’s too much to ask people to follow the rules, and if they can’t, then this group is not for them…not in a bad way. Sorry Laurie, I didn’t think the “slacker” comment was a bad one.

  3. It wasn’t a bad term at all. Sure people have trouble but come on, there are people who post every day in their blogs and the only thing they *don’t* do is do TWD. S-L-A-C-K-E-R, lol.

  4. You know I stand by you 100%. If your not keeping up with what you agreed to do sorry, but you’re slacking … then again I’m a self proclaimed slacker so the word doesn’t bother me

  5. It’s too bad people took offense to your email but I’m so glad that you sent it and even more glad that people who know they aren’t able to put the time into baking the requirements chose to opt out. Slacker or not, rules are rules. Big props to you Laurie (and the other group “admins”) for staying true to the rules of the game. :)

  6. Cheer up people, it’s supposed to be a FUN event!! Laurie set the rules and now people are offended when she point them out…..

    noskos, slacking (with permission :-) ) in Mexico

  7. It seems very reasonable to me. I love this blog, but know i can’t do the baking right now – hope to in the summer when I’ll have more time. In the meantime thanks for a great idea. And bakers – keep ’em coming – there are so many great sites you’ve all created. I love Dorie’s cookbook – have baked several things (my favorites so far are the ginger cake and the lemon tart — made it last summer and still dream about it.)

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