Our Secret Ingredients : The First Winners!

Community. One single word to sum up one of the most important things in our lives, something that both happens naturally and requires amounts of effort from us to succeed. It encompasses billions of people, and yet in the end comes down to one single person : you. TWD is sugar and flour and skill, but it’s most importantly a community and to make sure we never forget it I’m proud to bring y’all TWD’s very first community feature : Our Secret Ingredients! Enough of the serious reflective babbling, on to this week’s winners!

Cafe Johnsonia

Oh Lindsey… Lawd woman, how does that tiny kitchen you talk about come up with all the slap your g-ma food you show us? Look at those little piped delights on top, don’t they look so adorable it’s like they’re about to speak? Such a perfect back ground too, loving the shade of blue you used here.


This next pic drives me up the wall in the very best of ways. This is everything that a pic of a creamy filling should be, the graceful folds settling slowly into each other make me want desperately to stick my pinky finger right under the pouring and steal some!


I love these lemons. Really, as in for a minute I was leaning in closer as if they were telling me a secret joke we share. Sure they’re nekkid, but don’t let that make you shy around them! Citrus has it’s own culture, with a different set of standards about morality… the little tarts.


Y’all, there’s always been something about food photography and the hands that made the food I adore. Food looks nice enough on it’s own and makes for stunning pics, but I find these kind of shots very comforting. They’ve got a certain grace, the proof that behind the elegant finished product somebody laboured by hand and poured their heart and soul into this art.


A Year From Oak Cottage

Next, a woman who can turn disaster into delicious! Marie from didn’t give up when faced with a cream that had decided it wanted to be a syrup when it grew up. Let’s be honest, if y’all had a bowl full of what’s pictured below, y’all would find something good to do with it too.


This really impressed me. Not only is the pastry gorgeous, but this woman pulled together what could be only be called a masterpiece out of what she was given. To be honest, this looks better to me than the original recipe! It will be Mondays With Marie soon, and that ain’t a half bad idea.


Whisk : a food blog

These pics by Shari have made me go back a hundred times to look at them again. They’re everything you could want in a tart, perfectly garnished and shaped. Her tart really looks like it belongs in a coffee table book.

Look at these gorgeous ingredient lay outs! Two lemons, compared side by side and both are looking perfect. Really loved how she chose to do both at once, that’s dedication to her art if I’ve ever heard of it. Her photography is something y’all don’t want to miss, it could inspire the most anti-baking curmudgeon to get in the kitchen and create something delicious.

Simple elegance at it’s very best.


From New York to Kent to Ottawa, y’all have been country hopping today! Make some tea or coffee, and curl up for a while with these blogs. They’re every bit as good of a read as any book, and they all have so much to offer besides this week’s lemon tarts you’ll be reading for days!


25 thoughts on “Our Secret Ingredients : The First Winners!

  1. Oh gosh! I had forgotten all about this, but have to say I am thrilled to have been nominated, and I feel honoured to be held up like this and in such good company as well! I don’t know what to say except Thanks from the bottom of my heart! Personally I think anyone with the heart and soul to be a Dorie baker is a winner in my books from the get go. I just love y’all to bits!
    PS. I am loving the new look here!

  2. WOW!!! Thank you everyone! I’m totally blushing.

    Thanks for letting me be part of something so great. It has been so fun the last few weeks to feel part of this great community of fellow bakers.

    (Okay, I know I’m lame, but I even have tears in my eyes–it’s because I’m pregnant, right?)

    Thanks again! And congrats to the other winners and everyone else. I love seeing your creations. It is very inspiring.

  3. I’m speechless. I don’t know what to say. I feel very honored to be in the company of such awesome bakers! This communitiy is so wonderful. I love that it reaches from Australia to Peru to Canada and everywhere in-between. I’m so looking forward to the coming weeks, or should I say years, of Tuesdays with Dorie! Thanks sooo much!

  4. you’re pregnant, cafe johnsonia?? congrats! way to go! I mean on the blog….but I suppose that would go for the pregnancy too.

    I love all of these and think they were great selections for the week…..now I”ll go spend some quality time on each of them….congrats ladies!

  5. Wow!! How do they get pictures like that! My camera is rarely even able to focus close enough to not get all the background, aka mess that is my kitchen after baking.

    Way to go bakers!

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