44 thoughts on “Recipe for April 22, 2008

  1. Will I be excommunicated from the group if I leave out the nuts and make the cake into cupcakes? Need something to take to vet’s office – our little min pin had eye problems so I owe the office something tasty. Also, my 10 year old is deathly allergic to nuts so this way she can have her cake and eat it too! I know, lame joke – but it’s Monday………………….

  2. I need information.
    I received today per mail the recipe of the marshmallows. In fact, one day before we have to post it. First, why so late and second why if we are supposed all to have the book at home ?
    Thank you

  3. Oh, dear. Another recipe I must absolutely positively find the time to make. My husband loves carrot cake, and he’s very picky about it, so I’m eager to get his opinion. This is purely scientific, of course, and has nothing to do with visions of carrot cake and cream cheese frosting dancing about in my head.

  4. delimoon – yes, we are all supposed to have the book at home – the recipe we receive via email is not for us to make the recipe but rather as a convenience so you can post the recipe to your blog without having to take the time to type it out each week. the person who chooses the recipe types it up and sends it in and then it gets forwarded to the rest of the group so we can all post it on tuesday. hope that clears up your confusion.

  5. I finally jumped on the TWD bandwagon! I’m so excited that my first recipe is a favorite of mine and my husband’s! Can’t wait to get to know all of you :)

  6. Hi everyone – I don’t actually get any e-mails with recipes – am I alone in this? It isn’t a problem as I just copy and paste from the host baker for that week but I would hate to think I am missing out on other information? Here’s to carrot cake next week!! Yippee!

  7. Last week was the first week that I did NOT receive the typed recipe. I didn’t receive it this week either. Is it only going out to some people? I checked my spam too and nothing.

  8. Helen,

    I didn’t get the recipe last week and I haven’t yet this week either. I checked my spam folder (I found the email there in earlier weeks) and it wasn’t there so I thought it hadn’t been sent out this week yet but it sounds like others may have gotten it so now I’m not sure!

  9. Megan, I’m omitting the nuts as well, which is what I will do with all nut recipes (except peanuts) as the hubs is allergic.

    I’m not getting the emails with the recipes typed up either – I haven’t gotten them in at least 3 or 4 weeks.

  10. I’m excited about this one! I absolutely love carrot cake, and it’s my fiance’s favorite type of cake. I use my mom’s recipe and it’s fabulous so I’m interested to see how this one compares.

    Last week since there were so many variations on what type of tart you could make (there were a lot of crust recipes and some made the orange and some made the lemon) they didn’t send it out. But otherwise you should be getting the e-mails.

  11. What great timing! I promised my Husband I’d make a carrot cake for this birthday, and this is the recipe I chose to make!

  12. I think I am going to make these into cupcakes…easier to take to work and share than a whole cake!

    I haven’t been getting the emails either the past few weeks. I don’t mind typing the recipe myself, but just curious why the emails stopped.

  13. I haven’t been getting emails either…..is there a list serve we could start and then the person who picks the recipe each week is also in charge of typing it up and emailing it?????

  14. Oh cupcakes! What a perfect idea Sarah. I might just do that too, thanks. Saves me from having to go out and buy a small cake pan so I can half the recipe.

  15. Sounds good, but since I made a carrot cake recently I’m going to sit this week out. Can’t wait to see what you all make!

    P.S. If I eat another marshmallow, I might just die. Mallow overload!

  16. Nice choice!!

    I made my marshmallows today for the first time ever and we simply loved them. The texture is amazing, thanks Dorie!!

    Here’s a photo:

    Have a nice day!!

  17. I got the cutest cupcake liners at Target today. I’m also going to try making a couple of “mini cakes” with ramekins like a fellow food blogger did recently. Can’t wait!

  18. Hi, everyone. Those of you who are thinking of making cupcakes: how long will you bake them? I just skimmed Dorie’s recipe in the book and I believe she only mentions using three 9 inch cake pans! That will be a giant cake! Do you bake cupcakes for approximately the same amount of time as regular cake pans? Thanks for any help!

  19. Shirlie,
    In my experience cupcakes take anywhere from 20-25 minutes, depending on how dense they are. Obviously you can use this information as a starting point but I would start checking them after 15-18 minutes. My oven runs hotter so things take less time. Hope this helps!!

  20. love carrot cake! i’ll probably make these into cupcakes too, much easier to transport on the subway to work! :)

    this cake looks like it has a lot more texture than i’m used to. i’m curious to see how it comes out/tastes.

  21. Thanks, Megan. I’m going to attempt cupcakes this weekend, and will move any questions/comments I have regarding this recipe over to the other thread specific to problems. Good luck, everyone!

  22. Unfortunately, I will not be able to make this challenge, as we have been out of town. It is too bad, as Lenny LOVES carrot cake! Will be there for the next one, for sure!

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