64 thoughts on “Recipe for April 29, 2008

  1. anyone know if it is ok to use dried figs that’ve been soaked? (i have to make it today because i don’t have any time the rest of the week…)

  2. I don’t think I’ve ever had a fig or polenta! crazy huh? I might be tempted to skip this week but since I lurve Caitlin and know she wouldn’t steer me wrong I’ll give it a whirl!

  3. ok i’m going to try rehydrating turkish figs! i found these instructions on the whole foods website. crossing my fingers… (i am assuming that “moist” figs means fresh, btw)

    Place fruit in a Pyrex measuring cup or glass bowl. Add boiling water or fruit juice in a 2:1 ratio to fruit. Allow to sit for 15–45 minutes. Drain liquid. Voila, Fruit!
    Cover fruit with water or juice. Let sit overnight, covered, in the refrigerator.

  4. ok, here is my whine…I don’t have a 10.5 inch tart pan…I *really* don’t want to buy another baking thing this week…

    what I can sub for it? I have a 9 inch….maybe I’ll use that and just use less batter???

  5. Elizabeth… I don’t have that size tart pan either. I do have mini ones that I used on the last tart, but I think maybe this time I’ll try my springform pan (even though it’s only 9 inch) because of the ‘removable bottom’ specification in the book. I’m afraid I otherwise won’t get it out of the pan!

  6. I must admit, one of my pet peeves is all of the pans that Dorie must have – I only have a 9-in, so that’s what I’m using too. And I’ll just plump my figs in hot water. As for substitutions, I’m not picky – I think I’ve changed up almost every recipe we’ve done so far!

  7. And if you don’t have a tart pan with a removable bottom, I totally suggest lining the bottom of a springform with parchment paper. It’s always worked for me, but come on, aren’t tart pans just adorable?

    And CB, I’d never steer you wrong, haven’t I told you that before? :-P

  8. ok, so I’m with CB-I’ve never had figs and I don’t like fig newtons either and I’ve never had polenta!

    I also don’t have a tart pan of any size or a springform pan of any size-I guess that means a trip to my favorite baking store!

  9. Okay, I am just going to say it…. the combination of ingredients in this recipe sound absolutely disgusting to me. I know that Jaos, the kids and I will not like it. Cant wait to see how it turns out for the rest of you guys!

    I am so sorry Caitlin, I love ya babe! :)

  10. I’m sorry, but I agree with slush. I’ll be skipping this recipe, but I’m going to go back and make a recipe that was done before I became a TWD member! Flan maybe?

  11. Just got back from the grocery store… no figs. bummer. But the nice produce guy suggested dates or fuji apples. I was also thinking grapes or cranberries. Maybe I’ll have to try TJs or WF. Hopefully Dorie will comment on this one for possible substitutions? I was looking for her email via her website but I didn’t see one.

  12. I’m looking foward to this recipe. I don’t have a tart pan at all; perhaps it’s about time I get one. The only bummer about this is that I don’t live by my boyfriend’s parents anymore, so I can’t use the figs from their fig tree.

  13. Mmm… I love figs! I doubt I’ll be able to find them in my little city though so I’ll probably end up using dried. Now I just have to decide if I want to use my tiny tart pans or go out and buy a new one.

  14. I love fresh figs -only thing is the season is just finishing here in NZ!! I may use some poached quince instead. I was going to make this cake when the figs were fresh, but because Tuesdays is with Dorie, I want to save the recipes for the challenges!

  15. sounds good! rarely use me tart pans, so i’m excited to break them out. was thinking that a springform may work for those that don’t have tart pans (of course then it won’t be fluted).

  16. I have to agree with Carrie and Slush, this combo doesn’t appeal to me at all. I am going to make the Almost Fudge Gateau that everyone else made before I became a member. Good luck to everyone else!!

  17. Hi! I was wondering… how do you join to TWD?? I already have the book (it arrived on Friday :D:D:D) and I sent an email but I hasn’t been answered yet and I’m not even sure if that’s how you join! Could someone please help me?

  18. I’m sorry, but I can’t make this either. The ingredients just don’t sound good to me. I still love you though Caitlin :)

  19. since we’re all being so honest here….

    maybe my pants are on just a bit too tight today (or I’ve been eating too many baked goods!)….but..I have to say I’m really sad reading some of these comments.

    TWD for me has been about baking outside of my comfort zone. Trying new things…new techniques.

    I think it’s one thing to skip something you think you may not like, but, I think it’s completely another to call something gross or whatever has been said here.

    I know for me, I have spent alot of time going through the book to find my choice for next week..and if I read some of the comments that are on here now about my choice..my feelings would be hurt..maybe my skin is too thin.

    I know not everyone is going to like everything, but I just think some of the things that have been said are over the line..there have been choices that I would have never made because of certain ingredients, but…I made them, and some I even liked!

    Think about it….almost everyone has said that Dorie has not disappointed them so far….why not take the chance? You might find you like it…

  20. ISA, How long as it been since you emailed Laurie? She’s our lovely leader but I know she’s been swamped lately so replies are a little slower than usual. Be patient and I am sure you’ll get a reply soon.

  21. I’m pretty sure I’ve never had figs, so I am kind of intrigued with this idea. I’ll admit, it was a recipe I completely overlooked and I’m not sure what to do about the pan issue. I do have a 10-inch springform, but I would like to get my hands on the fluted tart pan.

    I’m not sure if I will go with the figs still though since the husband is still doing the grocery shopping and I can only imagine the nightmare trying to put that on the list would cause. I already get about 30 phone calls for a list with only basics on it.

    Maybe dried cherries? Thoughts!

    Anywhoo, thanks for the pick Caitlin!

  22. Ummm, me again. Another quick thought. I am little confused about the pan now. I was thinking about the deep fluted pans that have the slanted edges being what I thought Dorie meant in the recipe because the only pan I can find is a 10 1/2 inch by 2 inch (seen here: http://www.villagekitchen.com/mfg/matfer/baking_pastry/tart/removable_tart.html )

    So, I do have a 9″ regular tart pan with fluted edges (not slanted), but that obviously wouldn’t be big enough. Anyway, now I’m just confused about what pan it is supposed to be. This is one recipe where I really wish there was a picture so I knew what I was doing a bit better. (Maybe I just haven’t gotten enough sleep!). Thanks for any feedback!

  23. I completely overlooked this recipe as well. I agree that this recipe cries out for a photo. My curiousity is piqued and will have to be satisfied using a 9 inch tart pan or a 10 inch springform. I probably won’t get to this until Sunday so I am counting on others to post on their experience with the pans.

  24. I agree with Elizabeth… to a point. I think the thing I love most about TWD is that we ALL can be honest. If you honestly don’t like something I have no problem is you speak your mind. Personally I do not mean to direct any negative comments to the host when I say that certain recipes do not appeal to me. I am sure its vice versa too.

  25. i love ricotta and figs … never had them together, so i look forward to trying this recipe, even if it doesn’t come with a photo!! (sigh, i’m such a visual person, but doesn’t everyone like photos?)

    but with that said … one of the reasons i bake is to give to others. crap, i guess that’s probably really the very top reason why i bake. to see other’s delight in how delish something homemade can be.

    and you know what? some things don’t appeal to me either, like let’s say anything coffee flavored. but that doesn’t mean i would shy away from making an espresso-infused whatever. i know i would probably hate it and not even want the tiniest bite. but i know that someone else would, and would probably really enjoy it.

    i’m not saying that anyone should force themselves to make things, here with TWD or for anything else. i mean, this is just a blog. but i do think it is a good thing to try to go beyond the usual circle and think of others we could share our baking with. who knows, maybe that work mate four cubicles over really loves figs?!!

    and yes, i agree with elizabeth that the reason i joined TWD was to also go beyond the usual comfort zone, to try new things, new ingredients, new combinations. i guess that would be reason number two of why i bake at all. and so even though i’m sure it wasn’t meant with any malice, i can easily see how the words “absolutely disgusting” (before even trying it!) can be hurtful to someone who has taken the care and time to choose something. a simple “figs ain’t my thing, taking a pass!” would probably just as well sufficed.

  26. Whoa there! I picked this because it was out of MY comfort zone too (I’ve never had figs before in my life)! I understand that not everyone likes everything in the book (*cough* flan *cough* :) ) so I’m not going to take it too personally if people don’t want to make this. Either way, happy baking!

  27. just to clarify, i think everyone agrees that if you don’t like something, don’t make it! and feel free to be honest here, that’s what makes this group so exciting!

    but i think some people may have just felt the choice of words came across differently than intended.

    btw, is anyone going to use fresh figs instead of dried? they are no longer in season here, but i’m curious to see how it might come out.

  28. I am interested in this. I have no idea what to expect, but I do have a couple of issues…I can’t find figs here where I live, so I will maybe do dried cherries, but I can’t find polenta either. What section of the grocery store do you find it?

  29. This recipe sounds fun and interesting, but unfortunately I’m going to have to pass it up due to prior obligations and a super busy weekend. Good luck to everybody though!

  30. I was able to find a picture of this recipe by googling it, a food blog popped up with a picture, so if you’re desperate for a picture, try google!

  31. Thanks for the links CB! Its nice to have a visual! I think I may have to go with dried cranberries again. I’d love to use figs but I haven’t seen them at my local grocery store. Next time I find them I’l have to pick some up so I can try this with!

  32. Here are my thoughts on this—tell me what you think. I’ve experimented with figs before and they were *OK*. I’m thinking of making this cake with a few less figs then it calls for so you can pick around them if you want. I think the cake in and of itself sounds really good. I’ve never actually cooked with polenta, so I’m anxious to try it out. I am off to buy my tart pan right now!!

  33. Carlo was looking forward to trying this until he read that we need dried figs. Since he can’t have dried fruits, we’re going to make this for my in-laws.

  34. For anyone as measurement obsessed as me (I calculate most of my recipes to metric). My 16 dried yet very moist figs weighed 210g. Which equates to 7.4oz. Knowing what size bag of figs to buy can help!
    Happy Baking.

  35. I went to the grocery store today to look for my ingredients and the only figs I could find were in a bag–Mission figs—similar to getting a bag of raisins or apricots. Are these the right figs for this tart? I’ve never bought figs before. I live in California, so I would think that I would have a decent chance of getting figs—-these were the only ones they had. I also bought my tart pan, but the only one I could find was 11 1/2 (this seemed to be standard). I hope I have enough to fill it!

  36. andrea–i would just eyeball the figs…if they look gigantic, then maybe use a few less.

    emily–there are several varieties of dried figs and mission figs are great! i’m sure they are fine for this recipe (and they are a california variety i think)!

  37. CB, Trader Joe’s has both kinds of dried figs, including the ones this recipe calls for – they’re over in the nuts and dried fruit section. They didn’t have polenta though. I found it at Wild Oats (now owned by Whole Foods, so I’m sure WF has it too) in the bulk section.

  38. Thanks columbus! I’ll check out TJs this weekend :) Dorie says polenta or cornmeal so I’ll probably go cornmeal since I have that at home already.

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