Our Secret Ingrediants #3

The post is late, but that should mean y’all already know who you want! Put your nominations here and I’ll be taking them through Saturday to let everybody tell who they want.

24 thoughts on “Our Secret Ingrediants #3

  1. I agree with Mary Ann, it’s tough to choose! Here goes:

    Maple Sugar Desserts by Rebekka
    Mevrouw Cupcake by Mari
    The Barefoot Kitchen Witch by Jayne

  2. Here are my picks for this week:

    The Barefoot Kitchen Witch: I love her mini carrot cake layer cake with the toasted coconut and almonds on top. I also love the picture of the sugar in the measuring cup.
    Maple Sugar: Her cake look absolutely perfect. The piped pearls and the flowers are gorgeous.
    a whisk and a spoon: I love the close-up photo, and the chunks of toasted coconut on top makes me wish I could take a big bite.

    Thanks, Mary Ann, for the nomination, but I’m not in the running for a month! I appreciate your vote, though!!

  3. nice job on styling and creativity! so many nice cakes out there w ith great posts.

    whisk: a food blog
    the barefoot kitchen witch
    mevrouw cupcake

  4. How many are we supposed to nominate? I forget…

    • Bake-en by Michelle – like the panetone wrappers
    • Absolutely Delicious by Soulafa – great, unique changes
    • A Spoonful of Sucre by Cecilia – striking picture
    http://awhiskandaspoon.wordpress.com/ – gorgeous pictures
    • Mighty Muffin by Melissa – tower of cake!
    http://piggyscookingjournal.blogspot.com/2008/04/twd-bills-big-carrot-cake.html – love the squares!!
    • The way the cookie crumbles – for making 3 kinds
    • Starting from Scratch by Mary – Adorable decoration!!!
    • Spatulas, Corkscrews & Suitcases by Donna – gorgeous decorations
    • slow like honey by Amanda – creating new traditions and baking it 3 times!
    • Les gourmandises d’Isa by Isabelle – great shape and frosting
    • The Barefoot Kitchen Witch by Jayne – beautiful process pictures

  5. The Barefoot Kitchen Witch
    Taste Buds
    Mele Cotte

    Did anyone else notice that throughout the blogs, many of us mentioned how carrot cake is our husband/boyfriends’ favorite cake? Interesting.

  6. LOL Tommi – I noticed that too and wondered about it! Too funny.

    So many great posts! My picks are:

    Mevrouw Cupcake by Mari
    upper east side chronicle by Lauren

  7. Barefoot Kitchen Witch
    And then i do the dishes -Lyb

    I didn’t have enough time to look at them all, but these two i really enjoyed! I will do better at making time for more next week!!!

  8. maple sugar….yes, Rebekka is my best friend, HOWEVER this cake is stunning and deserves recognition…..plus, I’m sucker for fresh flowers on cakes!

    spatulas corkscrews and suitcases…I loved all the variety and the finished cake was gorgeous.

    the way the cookie crumbles….he cake was just beautiful and simple and very Martha-like.

  9. emily- this is just a place to highlight three blogs each week….the group has gotten so big that it’s hard to get around and see what everyone has done! So, the basic idea is that you vote for your three favorite blogs each week….based on their recipe or just their blog in general….the three blogs with the most votes will get some facetime on the TWD homepage.

    welcome to the group!

  10. I do not know the rules of TWD. I am just reading this blog for the first time. I suppose everyone has a copy of Dorie’s book. So if I wish to join willhave to purchase the book. Right?

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