73 thoughts on “Recipe for May 6, 2008

  1. ::drooling over picture in the book::
    My husband will probably scream like a little girl when I tell him. LOL. Great choice Elizabeth :)

  2. If anyone has a chance, would you mind posting the type of pan needed for this? I don’t have my cookbook in front of me because I’m at the office and was planning on hitting Bed Bath and Beyond after work and figured I’d pick up the pan if I need it. Thanks!

  3. Yay! Peanut Butter – I’m with Amanda, I haven’t even looked yet but I love peanut butter – especially with the word “torte” next to it!

  4. So, I was too eager to wait and read people’s reviews and I went ahead and made this! The torte in in the fridge now setting up. omg, the mouse filling is soooo yummy! I can’t wait until it’s finished.

  5. i am new to TWD and probably won’t be able to do the one chosen for last week, so this will be my first entry. so exciting, i LOVE pb!! fab selection.

  6. yum–this sounds ultra-rich but so good.

    just a general wordpress question: has anyone else noticed this “possibly related posts (automatically generated)” list that pops when you view a post.? i’m not sure if this is something wordpress has just started doing, or if they have been doing it forever, but i just recently noticed it on my own blog, and it drives me nuts!

  7. Yikes! I didn’t notice the missing butter either! Good thing you said something!

    BTW, Today is the last day for my “Martha Stewart’s Cookies” Cookbook Give`Away!

  8. Mara, it’s funny you asked about the 8″ pan – I made my torte today and used an 8″ pan. I cut the recipe down and it’s filled 3/4 way to the top. So I imagine if you do the whole recipe it might not fit. But it’s so delicious!!!

  9. Anyone have any ideas about a pan size for HALF a recipe? It’s my son’s birthday this week and we are having cupcakes AND cake AND parties and if I make this I KNOW I’m gonna eat some. Baking is great fun but I could lose a few rather than gain even more!

  10. Ulrike… and for this reaon I will not be using oreo cookies for the crust. Hope to cut out at least some of it. I have a recipe that uses vanila wafers and cocoa powder for a fab choc crust. I also thought about halving it… Less of it to eat. yikes, I even thought about not making it ebcause I wont be able to control myself with this one. UGH… What ever shall I do?

  11. has anyone considered using chocolate graham crackers for the crust? i don’t know that they’re much different than oreos, but it’s worth a shot!

  12. Ashlee

    I was thinking about using a graham cracker crust instead. Not sure if I will do a chocolate graham or not though. I’m not a big chocolate crust fan.

  13. there’s probably some gunk in the white oreo center that acts a binder for the crust, but i too am thinking of using maybe a plain chocolate wafer instead (they make a reduced fat oreo in the US, but it’s not available in australia). will also go with reduced fat PB. light philly CC in austrialia is unfortunately not the same, so i don’t know if i can use it.

    is anyone making individual sizes ones?? was thinking of using my muffin tin, but didn’t know if the crusts would pop out easily or stick.

  14. Well I’m out on this one too, which makes 2 1/2 in a row (I was late with the carrot cake, hence the 1/2) for me. :-(
    We are in limbo in regards to peanut allergies with my oldest son, so peanuts and peanut butter are not allowed in the house at all. Which is annoying because he loves peanut butter, and we all love peanuts. Oh well, better safe than sorry.

  15. I am extremely excited to make this. My aunt is coming to town this weekend (she’s a wonderful baker) and we’re going to make a revolutionary peanut butter torte.

    It’s too bad that there’s all that peanut allergy in the air now. Peanuts and peanut butter is, to me, the source of life! Well, that’s extreme. And I’m also a “kid,” which apparently adds to the love of peanut butter. But still, nuts = life.

    Sometimes there are ways to escape (pea)nuts in a recipe, but for this one I think it’d be pushing it.

  16. This looks so good!!! But yet again I have no real occasion to make it for – we dont have any family in our city and my work colleagues have been very spoilt lately! I am thinking of making 1/4 recipe and doing it in a 10cm spring form. I really really really want to make this, but dont want to eat that many calories!!!

  17. Oh bummer. My husband didn’t like the polenta & ricotta cake, and he absolutely despises peanut butter. : ( Well, I’m going to try to make just one third of the recipe in my smallest springform pan and see how it turns out. I just can’t justify making the whole thing for just me and the kids.

  18. From drooling over this recipe (and buying all the ingredients) to laid low by a bug within the space of 24 hours…hope to make this before Tuesday, but if not, it’s on my must-make list for when I’m not feeling like I’ve been run over by a bus…

  19. crap crap crap about the torte = 26 WW points!!! i was able to get away with my polenta tartletts being 6 points each but i just don’t know if I can justify 26 points. and DH is doing SB so i’m just so up in the air on this one!!

  20. halving the recipe sounds right up my alley, its just me and hub so a 9″ PB chocolate oreo torte would be inhaled in a day. while i am not doing ww or anything, that’s just way too much risk! hahaa.

    i will try a 6″ springform…or fab idea steph…maybe 2 individuals.

  21. I’m so bummed! I can’t make this because my husband with be gone all next week. Though it looks amazing, I can’t justify making this without him around. He loves chocolate and peanut butter.

  22. Anyone else have trouble getting their crust to go 2 inches up the sides of the pan? Mine only made it about an inch up the side (9″pan), and I’m worried about how it will hold together once I take it out of the springform pan.

  23. I definitely needed more than the 24 Oreos called for in the recipe. I upped the quantity to 30, and had barely enough for a 7″ and two 4″ springform pans. I didn’t mind not having enough crust on the sides as I liked showing the mousse layer, and it held it’s shape beautifully!

    I also upped the chocolate quotient by adding 1 C of mini chips in the mousse.

    I’m not a fan of PB desserts, but this was delicious!

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