30 thoughts on “Recipe for May 13, 2008

  1. Excellent choice. Love limes and I need a break from cake. I made three last weekend for different occassions, they all bombed. I feel like I lost my baking mojo.

  2. Woo hoo! My dad is going to love this – he keeps asking me to make a coconut type pie. Limes go great with coconut, it feels so tropical!!!

  3. ooh yay!! i don’t have the book at work (but why not?!) but from the title i was hoping it was sunny and citrusy. whatever it may be exactly, i love limes so i’m sure i will love this!

    and sorry to be a pain in the tuckus … because i think i’ve already said this to someone … but i really think it would be absolutely fabuloso if there was an entry where all of us could post a quick “posted on blog!” when our TWD is up.

    i started at the top, i think gone through ten and only 1 or 2 had anything. maybe some passed this week. or maybe some will post later. but regardless, it’s unlikely that with this method that either (a) i will go back to check the blogs that didn’t have anything yet or (b) i will keep up my enthusiasm to make sure i get to each person on the list!

    just some thoughts even though no one asked for them! :)

  4. Ulrike, I use digestive biscuits because we don’t have Graham Crackers in this part of the world. We have them here in Holland, so I assume you’ll have them too….

  5. I think I MIGHT sit this one out…..I don’t like coconut. But who knows, I may end up still making it for my mom or something. We’ll just see…

  6. When I made a key lime pie for a friend about a year ago I bought 2 cans of sweetened condensed milk and only used one. The other has been in my pantry since then (and has traveled with me to my new home on the other side of the state). I’m so happy to be using it finally!

  7. i’m not the hugest key lime fan but i’m game to try it…one question, Dorie says she uses a store bought crust but in that picture…that looks totally homemade, esp with the crumbly graham topping coming up the sides as well. Think the photo uses the homemade recipe from page 235? It looks SO good.

    Darn these recipes with crusts…those are the killers hehee.

  8. I spent most of my childhood in Florida. I will love this pie. When we had the boat we would sail to the Keys from the Gulf Coast. How very Proust-ian.
    Just yesterday I bookmarked this page for the graham cracker recipe.
    I have also made the one from the La Brae cookbook but that just wasn’t a go-er for me.
    Graham crackers aren’t sold in Australia but granita or shredded wholemeal (which are like the English digestives) biscuits/cookies are, and they give a similar end result.

  9. i’ve made my own graham carackers before (after going to every grocery in sydney cbd and realizing that they aren’t sold here!), and it’s kind of a lot of work if you’re just using them for crumbs. i agree with andrea that digestives make a good sub.

  10. Mara – when I made this last summer, I used a store-bought crust but found that I had too much filling for it. In my margin notes I wrote “make my own (larger) crust next time!”

  11. I’ve looked at this pie and considered making it as I flip through the book multiple times and then moved on. Now that I have something pushing me to make it, I probably will.

    That’s the point of TWD, is it not?

    I’m definitely going to make my own crust.

  12. ooh it sounds great! i’m sad because i don’t have any time this week to make it :( hopefully i’ll be able to try it sometime soon!

  13. I was afraid of this. My first TWD recipe and it involves fruit in some form, which I strongly dislike in my desserts. I’m going to halve this recipe. Would anyone be oppose to me omitting the lime juice all together?

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