Our Secret Ingredients : Ricotta And Polenta Cake

Scrumptious Photography

Kim’s pics left me without any idea what to say. This pic doesn’t look like some random blog, it looks like the sort of thing you’d find as the centerfold in a gourmet magazine! It’s the kind of thing that makes you grab a copy of the book in the impulse aisle because you need to know how to make that cake tonight!

finished cake slice

She makes everything look like the sort of food you wish you could afford.

cake ingredients

Fool For Food

Why is Claudia so great? Not only is her food tempting (can y’all stand how cute that one little apricot right in the middle is?), but she gives those of us who are linguistically challenged translations! That’s right, two posts when half the time I can’t manage one in my own language. Was cute mentioned?


The Way The Cookie Crumbles

They can’t be real can they? Have you ever seen more adorable food? You wouldn’t think that a recipe that sounded like this one did could turn out so tea party perfect! They make me want them, and I didn’t even like the sound of them in the first place.  Go Bridget, it’s your tart, go Bridget! 

The little tarts even look stylish before they’re baked. She really went for the win with her different types of fruit.


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