Alternate recipe for May 20, 2008

Hey ladies and gents… I know a lot of you may not have the correct pan for next weeks recipe. The alternate option is to go back and make one of the past recipes. We have covered quite a bit, and there are many in the back log that you may not have been a member for. Find one you like and bake it up!

xo~ Laurie


33 thoughts on “Alternate recipe for May 20, 2008

  1. Even though I would love an excuse to buy another pan and make the madeleines I am UBER happy to know we can do an alternate just in case I don’t get to the store to buy one. You rock fearless leader! :)

  2. Semi-post related. I am making dorie’s carrot cake again for my friend’s bday (can you say 2for? w00t!) and was wondering if anyone used pineapple juice in their recipe. My friend swears by using pineapple juice. Please post your blog or tell me what amt of pineapple juice you use. THANKY! :)

  3. Oh good. I wasn’t sure what I was going to do about the madeleine thing, but there are a few recipes from before I joined that I’ve been wanting to get to.

  4. I think I will make the madeleines – I have a pan – but I would also like to play catch-up with the wonderful looking “Black and White Cake.” It would make a lovely party cake. So I might do both. So many cakes, so little time! I got the greatest compliment last week about the Tuesday with Dorie cakes – a co-worker asked me to make his family the carrot cake and the peanut butter torte for Mother’s Day celebration. Everyone at work just loves the Dorie cakes. My cake order was successful – the adults raved about the carrot cake (I used a mascarpone frosting with cream) and the children loved the PB torte. It’s the first order I have ever done and the cakes looked lovely as I packed them in the carriers ready for pick-up.

  5. oh i am sooo happy about this….i was not sure about the madeleine’s…i am jazzed to go back and try a recipe from before i joined. thank you thank you thank you!

  6. oh and CB on the pineapple juice, my friend Janna at Honeyed Hashette ( said she had a fab recipe that used pineapple, maybe drop her a note at her blog and see if she uses the juice in hers.

  7. Wicked! I was trying to figure out how I was going to fit in the search for a madeleine pan, but now I won’t have to! It’s dbf’s birthday, and he was sad that I opted out on the marshmallows, so marshmallow’s it will be!

  8. CB: If I’m the friend you are referring to… I swear by putting crushed pineapple into the carrot cake, not juice. :) The juice would make it too runny, I think, but the drained crushed coconut just makes it really moist.

  9. Thank you! I’ve been on vacation and came back to the madeleines and of course I don’t have the pan. My husband said if I bring any more kitchen gadgets in to the our house, something will have to go. Isn’t that cruel?

  10. LORI, same! I know some TWDers did it but I can’t for the life of me remember!

    MARA, thanky! I’ll go check out honey’s blog.

    NINA, 1 can crushed pineapple drained. gotcha! thanks chica!

  11. Oooh, yeah! Thanks Laurie, I’m anxious to get started and am also excited to go back and see what has been done so far. I would like to get the pan and try them someday. They’re such pretty cookies.

  12. Just posting this in both spots in case it helps anyone.

    OK, so I decided I’d better put up or shut up. I just made the madeleines this afternoon after my update to the spoon idea above. So, here is a little more information for those not sure about making this recipe because you don’t have the pan.

    1. The spoon idea works, but my spoons are too shallow to make any madeleines that looked decent. I ended up using 10 large “teaspoons” plus a mini-muffin tin and there is still more unbaked batter in the fridge.

    2. I lightly sprayed both the spoons and muffin tin with Baker’s Joy and it really helped the muffin tin, but my shallow spoons overflowed a bit and “wrapped” around the sides of the spoon.

    3. This recipe is delicious. I didn’t have a lemon so I used orange zest and it was great.

    4. Definately go the route of putting the batter into the pan and then into the fridge if you can.

    So, bottom line. If I can, I will be getting a madeleine pan so that I can make these a lot easier and a lot more often.

    Hope that helps! Good luck!


  13. Holly – That does help, thank you. I think I am going to go the spoon route actually (even though I just made the Snickery Squares), just so I can try the recipe.

  14. OMG! I made the madeleines yesterday and they were amazing! I havent put them on my blog yet, but they will be getting rave reviews (thank goodness because I dont think I could survive another recipe like last weeks). They were sooooo yummy. The only trouble I ran into is that i over filled the molds and ended up with gigantic monster sized madeleines ha! so i’m Making them again tonight normal sized to put in my TWD post.

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