42 thoughts on “Recipe for May 20, 2008

  1. awesome choice because my b-day is this week and they’re my favorite cookie EVER!!!!
    i made them as soon as i got the book in jan., they’re wonderful!

  2. Right on! I haven’t made madeleines in over a year now – I’m making them now! I also agree with Ulrike, this is great that the selection is posted so early.

  3. Yay! I was just saying the other day that I wanted to try making some! I bought a pan ages ago but have never used it. Hooray! I can’t wait!

  4. Hmm, I don’t have a pan either, not sure if my little kitchen has room for another pan, we’ll see! If anyone finds a good deal on one please post it! I figure Bed Bath and Beyond probably carries them and I could use a 20% off coupon on it, I might try that.

  5. I read somewhere that you can use a mini muffin pan. I’m sure it’s not authentic or whatever, but at least those of us without madeleine pans can try out the recipe.

    Of course, I don’t have a mini-muffin pan either.

  6. sigh… another pan! i would totally go the mini-muffin route (i guess it sorta turns into a tea cake in that case?), but madeleines are my aunt’s fave and i’m seeing her this week… so kind of perfect :)

  7. Yay! I’ve never made Madeleines before!! I can’t wait to try them out…however, I will be using my mini madeleine pan for this one. Thanks, Tara! Good pick!

  8. Holly, what a great link to the Donna Hay idea. This is the first recipe that I made from the Dorie cookbook.
    I appriciate the early notice of the recipe. I find with so many yummy things in the house I must pace myself. Early notice means I can plan who to share with better.
    Since I have made these a few times may I share a couple of thoughts.
    Grease (spray oil) your silicone madeleine molds (even though Dorie tells you you don’t need to) it helps keep the shell shape distinct.
    Brown the butter for a lovely depth of flavour
    The batter keeps well in the fridge (but the baked madeleines do not) so I just baked a tray at a time over a few days.

  9. I appreciate the link as well. I have always wanted to make madeleine’s myself. Having never tried them, I too could not justify the pan. But I do have a gazillion spoons here. Excellent suggestion Holly!

  10. The dough is very firm/stiff and airy after refrigerating. It is very hard to fill the right amount into the tin. Although I didn’t fill the mold to the rim it was too much and all ran together!

    I recommend to chill the batter in the molds. And it’s much much more than the German “Bärentatzen”-Tin with 12 molds.

    They are in the oven now, they won’t turn out good, and I won’t make this recipe again.

  11. okay I know this has nothing to do with madeleines but could someone tell me how everyone is getting these cute pictures in their header. I can not seem to do it. I can insert a photo but then it is too big. Help.

  12. Update on the “spoon” idea from earlier. I did try Donna’s recipe about a week ago in my spoons and it didn’t do anything to the spoons at all. I was a little worried. Anyway, I liked Sabra (at Cookbook Catchall’s) idea to go find unique spoons for this purpose at a thrift store. I haven’t found a madeleine pan yet that cost less at $25US so, a few dollars for spoons seems like a better investment to me if you can’t afford the pan or don’t want to spend the money. Either way, my spoons were fine and they are just plain old stainless steel from BB&B.

    As for how the recipe worked, they sunk into nothing because I didn’t have enough spoons and overfilled them. I’m excited to try Dorie’s recipe in the spoons and will try to do that soon and let y’all know how it goes.

    Good luck!

  13. Loving the spoon link, thanks Holly! I had no idea about these prop stores… may become my new summer hangout :)
    Lori, if you go to the Layout tab in Blogger, and select Edit on the Header element (the one that says Lori’s Lipsmacking goodness), there should be a section in there to upload a picture. good luck!

  14. I missed this week’s baking, but am excited about this week. I tried these and burned the heck out of them. I am determined to get them right!

  15. Maybe a dumb question, but why mini muffin pan as substitute for madeleine mold and not regular?

    Lori, whats your picture prob? I will try to help!

  16. I made mine in the mini muffin tin and they came out just fine. Not “traditional” really but it didn’t affect the taste just the mound shape. They did puff up like a muffin nicely.

    Cb- I don’t think you would get very many if you used a regular muffin pan. There wasn’t a lot of batter. I had just enough to get 24 out of the minis.

  17. Mine just came out of the oven–and Ulrike was right in my case–no plump little hump appeared. I followed the recipe to a ‘T.’ They are good, though. One note of advice–thoroughly butter and flour the molds, otherwise you’ll wind up with much of the cookie stuck in the pan! In my case, more treats for the cook!

  18. Hi, I’m new here and thinking about starting (informally) with the madeleines. Can I hear some peoples’ opinions of pan materials? I don’t have a pan yet, but am thinking of getting one, and would love to know what you all think of silicone/aluminum/non-stick, etc.

  19. I did get a (small) hump with this recipe. I used a silicone pan. (Leuke regular and mini) My hump was better with the browned butter. When I didn’t brown the butter it didn’t emulsify into the mix as well (so when it was chilled there were little lumps of butter) this seemed better when I added the step of browning the butter.

  20. I will try TJMaxx but if they do not have the pans, I will use the spoon idea. Even if you do not have spoons you would use, you could go to a thrift store and pick up a bunch for cheap!

    CB- thank you. My pictures when I load them are too big for the headers. DO you resize before you load?

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