50 thoughts on “Recipe for May 27, 2008

  1. These look so good…although I’m afraid of the previously mentioned flop… Any chance of getting the recipes a day or two earlier (am I the only one who could use the extra time)? These would have been perfect for this past weekend.

  2. good choice! i made these with leftover dough when we did the snails. happily, i photoed them too!

    CB–i think your dough will still be fine!

  3. ha ha julia i originally thought…oh my husband works later on tuesdays, perfect day to bake, and look it’s tuesdays with dorie! but then i realized actually i have to bake MONDAYS so that i can take pictures and post for Tues. Oops!

  4. Perfect present for my father. His birthday is this week. He loves these.

    For those who are afraid of dough, dont be. With the new instant yeasts purchased in the store they are nearly fool proof. The most important thing is giving the dough a warm environment to rise. I always put mine in the microwave.

    First I heat up a cup of water in the microwave to make it humid. I turn off the microwave and put the bowl in. There it rises happily. Its my homemade proof box!

  5. Make sure and give the yeast warm enough water to rise on too. Always test it myself by dipping my elbow into the water, if it feels warm but not hot enough to scald a baby in the bath it’s right.

  6. Ohh yum!! And then I can use the other half of the brioche dough to make the raisin snails that I missed out on before. Though I’m going to have an obscene amount of baked brioche goodies…

  7. hey tammy– on page 51, under “to make the glaze” she tells you to pour the glaze into the bottom of a buttered pyrex pan and sprinkle the pecans on top. you can set it aside while you shape the buns. then arrange the cut buns in the pan on top of the glaze (buns bake updise down and then you flip them over when out of the oven).

  8. Here’s why you should always make the full recipe of brioche dough. It really freezes well, and I mean without question. Used it for snails, and then divided the leftover half into fouths. Anytime I wanted rolls, I’d take out a fourth and hack off a chunk to make a few rolls.

  9. Ahhh….can’t wait to try these but I’m out of down for work right now so I’ll be late this week. Wonder if the Hotel would let me use their kitchen :)

  10. lemontartlet (or anyone else who can answer this): If I want to freeze half of the unbaked brioche dough, can I freeze it in one big lump? Or should I divide it up? And how do I thaw it – just in the fridge, then cut/split it up? Thanks!

  11. ashley–unless you know you will be using that whole big lump at once, i’d divide up into a few smaller pieces. then you can pull out a piece at a time, thaw it in the fridge the night before you want to use it. then cut it up to shape and proof the next day.

  12. Does anyone know if I can use this same dough to make cinnamon buns as well as the sticky buns? If so does anyone have a good recipe for the glaze?

  13. You can freeze it in one big lump if you want to, but it’s best to divide it up some. Put it in the fridge the night before to thaw it, but if you’re pressed for time you can take it out of the freezer and let it sit around on the table to thaw. It don’t hurt it none. Either way, just throw it in the pan you want to use and let it raise after shaping it however you want. Bread dough don’t really take any special care.

  14. I know this is an odd question, but here goes:

    I want to make the dough in advance then do the rest of the recipe while I’m at my parents’ house. So, if I freeze the dough, do you think it will still be usable if it’s in the car for a two hour drive? I can put one of those freezer pack things in a cooler to keep it chilled.

  15. laura: i think it would totally make good cinnamon buns. maybe sprinkle on a little extra filling. i do glaze to eye based on the nubmer of buns i have: a bunch of sifted powdered sugar (maybe 1 cup), a little milk (maybe 2 T) to get a paste the consistency i want, then a splash of vanilla extract or lemon juice.

    hilary: i think it should be fine. if you consider the car-ride part of the thawing period and then make the buns the next day or something, it should work out.

  16. yum! i will use some pecans but will have to make a few w/o them since i don’t care for nuts.

    laura – i have a good cream cheese glaze in my blog if you’re interested in that. just do a search for cinnabon and you’ll find it.

  17. Thanks Steph I’ll do just that;)

    Jaime that sonds like awesome glaze! Thanks so much.

    I’m going to make half sticky buns and half cinnamon buns. This is going to be insane! I cant wait!

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