Alternate Recipe

If you are without a stand mixer and would rather not tough it out with the brioche by hand, you are able to bake up a past recipe from the archives. :) There are lots of goodies to choose from.

However, I know several people did tough it out with the brioche previously, so if you can give tips on this method, please do do! Thanks in advance!

8 thoughts on “Alternate Recipe

  1. I can say that I toughed it out last time. Not worth trying a hand mixer, way too messy. Get your hands dirty. Add things slowly just like the recipe says. Alternately, I also made a no-knead brioche dough which I enjoyed the flavor of quite a bit. Don’t be scared by the dough!

  2. Y’all, it ain’t as bad as Dorie makes it sound. Throw everything in a stock pot, put it in your lap and work it with your hands in there while watching a movie. You get the added fun of chasing family members around with messy hands.

  3. I made it with a hand mixer and it worked out perfectly and was very easy, though it required a little of strength… but don’t listen to me… I’m a weak person :p
    The finished product is O U T O F T H I S W O R L D G O O D!

  4. I have just posted on my blog about a no knead challah for anyone who wants to participate but just isn’t up for the brioche. I also scaled the recipe to suit the requirements of the sticky buns.

  5. I think I’ll have to make this by hand next time…I got a little bit scared when my stand mixer started making struggling noises (and it’s one of the hardcore ones!). Anyways, the dough came out great in the end!

  6. I used my hand mixer too the last time, worked out great but I think it wouldn’t survive another batch. It’s just a cheap mixer and I can hear the plastic parts rattling inside :-)

  7. I followed the directions in the book without any problem or straining on my Artisan KA.

    I think the key is in making sure the dough is quite soft (if it is stiff, the mixer with strain). This means the eggs should not be cold, and the butter should be soft but cool. The best way to add the butter is to squish it between your fingers so it oozes out in a stream. The dough will stiffen once cooled in the fridge.

    Since making the brioche snails with TWD, I have made the brioche so many times already. I’ve started reading up on some alternate ways of mixing.

    My preferred way is very KA friendly (I only exceed speed #2 for 1.5 minutes):

    a) make a sponge in the KA bowl
    b) pour all the mixed dry ingredients over the sponge and let rest for 1 hour
    c) develop the gluten by kneading (speed#2) for two minutes, then letting it rest for five minutes.
    d) cut the butter into very thin sheets
    e) add butter in thirds every minute; all the butter usually incorporates in five minutes
    f) after five minutes, raise the speed to #4 for 1 minute
    g) lower the speed to #2 and knead for 12 minutes
    h) raise the speed to #4 for 30 seconds
    i) scrape the dough into an oiled bowl and let rise

    Hope this helps.

    from Occasional Baker

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