Friendly Reminder

Tuesdays with Dorie is a WEEKLY Baking Club.

When I started TWD it was with the intention of baking every week. And when we saw TWD was going to grow quite rapidly, we decided to allow members to bake with us a minimum of 2 out of 4 weeks. However, this is not what I want the norm to be. We are a WEEKLY Baking Club. I encourage everyone to bake with us on a weekly basis, not just do the required 2 out of 4 weeks. If you only do half the weeks you are only baking half the recipes. We want everyone to experience the entire book. Thats the point of the club!

I also encourage you to send in an email when you are unable to participate for more than 2 weeks. We are keeping attendance so to speak. Sadly, people have been removed from the group based on attendance. We have a strict participation policy, which we stand by. We do not know why you missed if you do not tell us. So, please send a quick email if you are ill, out of town, on vacation or getting married etc…

Thanks! xo~ Laurie


26 thoughts on “Friendly Reminder

  1. Couldn’t agree with this more. It can be a real scramble to bake once a week, and I’ve certainly had my share of missing things. It ain’t challenging myself if I only plan to do half of it though, and I hope everybody is here to try to up the ante and do things once a week!

  2. Yes! :) I’ve never made bread (gasp!), but I wanted to challenge myself, so instead of wimping out on this one, I’m doing it… and finishing them tonight! I can’t wait to eat them!!

  3. Hear hear! I totally agree – I’ve had to weed people out of my TWD group on Google Reader. Are we updating that blog list based on weedouts and new members?

    A blog post around Tuesday saying to check back next week generally reassures me that the person is committed, so they stay on my list :)

  4. I fully agree with this. The reason why I wanted to join this group was because its rules are more rigorous, recipes more difficult, than some of the other groups out there. I want a group that will actually challenge me, and baking every week is one way to do it.

  5. I have a (unrealistic?) thing about fairness with everything in my life (work, groups, friends etc) but I don’t think there’s anything wrong with wanting to keep things fair for everyone involved in TWD. Call me crazy but I don’t see how 2 out of 4 weeks can be misinterpreted. It just becomes petty to nitpick.

    Bottom line. *YOU* joined the group so just stop making excuses and bake. Thats what we are all here to do right?

    Just my 2 cents.

    I appreciate everything that TWD staff and you (Laurie) do! Don’t let the slackers (yes I said it!) get you down. Let’s have fun people! Its baking for cripes sake!

  6. I agree too – it really does help if people do a quick post if they are going to be late posting. Still a fabulous group to belong to – I tell everyone about my fellow TWD gang! I’m also trying not to get obsessed about how many people don’t leave comments – I know its really timeconsuming to go through all the blogs but its sooo exciting to get responses! Good work, Lauire! Hx

  7. Thank you Laurie. I think these new rules were definitely needed. I have everyone on my blogreader and it’s frustrating to see how many people don’t participate.

  8. Heck, it’s your party – you get to make the rules :)

    (And nothing says they can’t keep going with baking as they get a chance. Leave a comment on someone’s blog saying you did it this week – I’m sure folks will meander over and enjoy.)

    This is how my weird brain works. I went from that to Aprons! We need Official TWD Aprons!!!

  9. I absolutely agree with the comments here.

    I actually sat out on the sidelines for several weeks before opting in, as I wanted to make sure that I could commit the time and participate with everyone else.

    As I am committing time out of my busy schedule to bake weekly, I would expect that same level of commitment from my TWD community.

  10. Everyone has those weeks when they just don’t have the time to participate, especially when the recipe that week is really involved. That’s why I appreciate the “2 out of 4 weeks” rule. If some are taking advantage, it isn’t fair to those who scramble to get the job done. The bottom line is that it’s your club…and your rules. You need to do what you think is best.

  11. I totally agree Laurie. I have made all the recipes so far. Hey thats what I am in it for. I may miss a week at some point but for now this is why I joined.

    It kind of irks me when I take the time to go to blogs and there is nothing there. Or sometimes hasnt been in a long time. I saw one blog that only had marshmallows.

    Yes I would like to know if the members who are leaving will be taken off of Bloglines.

  12. We are currently updating the blogroll list so stay tuned for the new import link. We’ll definitely get it up before the next challenge on Tuesday. Thanks for your patience!

  13. I totally agree Laurie with the strict rules. I wouldn’t have joined if I hadnt committed myself to doing every week – bearing in mind that sometimes things just come up and it doesnt get done. But it is a challenge – part of the challenge is time committment and another part is maybe trying something you dont like the sound of – you never know, it may become your new favourite!

  14. Hey-

    I DO agree. When I signed up, I thought I would be taking on the responsibility of baking every other week. It was a whole hearted commitment on my part. I am looking forward to expanding my baking knwoledge with a group that is SO interested in baking LIKE me.

  15. I agree, too, Laurie. It’s like any other committment – you make it, you keep it. And it’s not like the rules were a big secret, either. Join or don’t join. And if you join, then adhere to the (very fair) rules. Simple as that.

  16. Honestly I’ve been wondering myself why they were allowed to still call themselves members of TWD when week after week I click on blogs only to find them empty of wonderful Dorie goodness. I mean I know I’m not in any position to judge as this is only my second week, but some of them even admit to not liking to bake (insanity I know) and I think to myself “well what the hell are you doing joining a baking group Einstein?”

    Man the reigns sister! I support you!

    Tuesday’s with Dorie ROCKS!

    Dont let a few slackers bring TWD down. Its their loss not ours;)

  17. i totally agree with you, and everyone else. i think the rules are fair and it’s not like you’re not willing to excuse people for being out of town, getting married, etc. we’re all pretty busy but we joined this group b/c we love baking and want to challenge ourselves… i’m dedicated to TWD and hope that everyone else who joins is, as well… (heck, i baked TWD recipes 3 wks in advance when i was going on vacation b/c i didn’t want to miss out!)

  18. I totally agree that it is necessary. I mean, this isn’t like Daring Bakers where the recipes are a secret. Anyone can get and bake all the recipes—the purpose of this group is doing it together and forming a baking community.

    And as you know (because I’ve emailed you). I will be absent for awhile because of my back surgery. I just got out of the hospital yesterday–but I’m not allowed to do any lifting and I’m still fairly immobile (I have a walker). I’ll jump back in as soon as I can.

  19. (In spite of the fact that I missed the last two weeks) I am in complete agreement with the rules, and I’m glad that you decided to send out a reminder, as well as post them for anyone who might have joined TWD more recently. Sometimes, it’s hard work, but I still think it’s one of the most rewarding projects that I personally have ever taken on. I’m learning so much and my baking skills are blosseming, and that’s priceless! Thank you Laurie for taking time out of your busy life to organize such a wonderful initiative!

  20. I couldn’t agree more! I get a great feeling of achievement baking a recipe that perhaps I would not have chosen to do on my own, as well as the recipes that thrill me. Some of the recipes I would have not have thought of baking turn out to be the best.

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