How-to: update your TWD blogroll!

Hello fellow TWDers!

As you all have read from our fearless leader recently, TWD is continually adding new bakers and has said goodbye to some that have recently departed so Shari and I have been hard at work to update the blogroll with all the new changes.

The easiest way to update TWD blogroll in bloglines or google reader is to delete your current TWD-all folder off your reader and re-import the whole list. Please feel free to let us know if you have any questions or suggestions.

Happy Memorial Day! Can’t wait to see everyone’s sticky buns! :)

To delete TWD folder—
1. Click Edit
2. Select the TWD-all folder
3. Click Trash.

To import TWD blogroll—
4. Click *HERE* for updated TWD blogroll export link
5. In Bloglines, click Export Subscriptions. (It’s below the long list of TWD members.)
6. Save the attached file somewhere on your desktop.
7. Log into your bloglines acct
8. Edit
9. Import subscriptions

Note from Shari: I would recommend people read any blogs they want to before deleting so that they are up-to-date. Bloglines won’t remember what you’ve read after you delete and import the subscriptions again. It thinks they’re all new.

To delete TWD folder—
1. Click manage subscriptions (bottom of reader list)
2. Type in TWD in the filter box (top right corner) – this will bring up all blogs that are labeled with TWD
3. Select all subscriptions
4. Unsubscribe

To import TWD blogroll—
5. Click *HERE* for updated TWD blogroll export link
6. Click export subscriptions and save to desktop
7. Click Manage subscriptions in google reader
8. Click import/export
9. Import file from desktop

Notes from Clara: I would recommend if you have any unread TWD blogs from your previously set up TWD blogroll, read them before you delete and re-import b/c google reader won’t update as new until those blogs update again with another entry.

11 thoughts on “How-to: update your TWD blogroll!

  1. i have a google reader question because i am a technical idiot. there are a few blogs that google reader showed were updated, and on the google reader screen, it shows the TWD post, text and pictures (one example where this happened is the blog Bake-En). but if i go to the actual blog home page, the TWD post is not there yet. why does this happen? is the post just scheduled and somehow GR is reading that it’s up?

  2. Steph,

    I think it’s usually that they hit “post” accidentally, then delete it from their blog until Tuesday. So, it hits google reader since it had been on the blog at some point.

  3. STEPH, usually that happens when the blogger accidentally publishes but goes back to unpublish so when you click on their blog its not there anymore… HTH!

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