Changing things up…

Just wanted you to know Im messin with our theme. Testing some out, so to speak. Will be giving a couple a try over the next couple days. Let me know what ya think…

15 thoughts on “Changing things up…

  1. Theme #3: Now we’re getting on the right track… Are you getting sick of my opinion yet? haha. You know I got nothing but love for TWD, right? ;)

  2. well i’m not sure how many went by before i saw this one, but i was always partial to the “original” theme as it was more colorful and fun looking ;)

  3. i really like this one that we’re on…not sure what # it is but it’s nice and clean…i am a huge fan of white backgrounds hehe.

  4. I’m not loving this theme. The picture looks squished to me. On a slightly related note, how do I get the avatar on to my blog? Help, please!

  5. I like this one. :) It’s more clean and easier to read (therefore navigate).
    It also just so happens to be the theme I use for my blog. Hehehe. ;)

  6. also, quite note for anyone who can’t read the font on a website if it’s too small. typically you can also change that in your browser. if you are using IE, go up to View, then Text Size and choose a larger one.

  7. I am not sure what Themes, you are talking about; but, I can tell you that I like the “Snap” feature being available over everyone listed on the blog roll, makes it soooo much easier to see who posted the event, when reading thru them all!

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