Our Secret Ingredients : Madelines

There were some entries that got tied, and I didn’t want to choose between them because all entries are great!

Cafe LynnyLu

Please forgive me as I squeak like a fan girl on too much caffeine now, as I say “These are the cutest cups ever zomg I love them where did you get them they’re the best!” Ahem. The cookies are darn nice too, look at that perfect lemon colour!

She makes it look so easy, she probably get out of bed with perfect touseled hair too and get that one perfect tear when watching a sad movie. Oh, and I really want her fish poacher.



Canela Y Comino

It’s a brave woman that makes two batches for TWD instead of one. A brave, dedicated woman who wants to do her very best and show what she’s made of. A woman who ate the first batch before taking pics. Ahem.

 They tell us that madelines are shell shaped, but I love these little guys! There’s something that looks even more appetizing about the muffin shape and the delicate powdered sugar on top. Is it ok to cuddle a madeline?

Danielle Bilton

Pink makes everything good. Pink when it meets a tasty cookie cake is perfect! Raspberry madelines, what better way to say come on and get born baby?

Danielle Bilton

These have such a tender crumb, I can’t help but be jealous of her baking skills! Wouldn’t these be the best with some raspberry zinger tea? 

Danielle Bilton

Ezra Pound Cake


Really wish I could tell y’all how funny this woman is, but you have to read it for yourself. There are addicted bulldogs and homicidal editors alongside these cookie! The only problem I see is it might be difficult to eat her cookies while trying not to get them up your nose from laughing!

madeleines 1

 She Bake!

Hello. Madelime is my name, and I’m here to make y’all fall to your knees as I overwhelm you with my cuteness. Don’t try to resist, I can sugar your soul while purifying it with all my nifty anteeee-oxidents!


 You can find me sitting on a cute little plate, singing it ain’t easy being green. Feel free to nuzzle me before nibbling my tender edges, I like it like that.

6 thoughts on “Our Secret Ingredients : Madelines

  1. Hooray! Great job all! Now I’m going to have to go make more madeleines (or as I’ve obnoxiously dubbed them around our house “maddies”). Yum!

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