OSI : Sticky Buns

Y’all vote for the sticky buns, so I can get caught up on the OSIs. They’ll be on a new schedule to make it easier for y’all to get your votes in as soon as I get these done.

11 thoughts on “OSI : Sticky Buns

  1. Something Sweet by Karen
    Danielle Bilton
    And Then I Do the Dishes
    The Way the Cookie Crumbles

    all for outstanding photography and very very tasty looking buns ;)

  2. Oh, I forgot I wanted to nominate Baked Alaska as well for really going the extra mile and sticking it out to try to participate against all kinds of challenges!

  3. Lick the Spatula – beautiful photo and for sacrificing a KitchenAid for the cause.

    Burned Bits – anyone that is baking at midnight is a dedicated TWD participant!

    Randomosity and the Girl – Making it an all-in-the-family baking event.

  4. Baked Alaska – for the stove top sticky rolls…LOL!

    Cupcake, my love – for doing it all by hand!

    Danielle Bilton – for best use of leftover bricohe….yum!

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