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Hello fellow Dorie-nators. (I thought that -nators included the guys better than -istas. LMAO)

It has been a couple weeks since Shari and I put together the blogroll instructions and we hope that everyone has enjoyed how it streamlines reading TWD blogs every Tuesday. I know I absolutely love it! I think Shari deserves another golf clap. ::clapping::

Just wanted to draw your attention the side menu bar ——————————>

I added a little section for the TWD blogroll update link. The link is updated every week in the new members’ post but Laurie, in her great leader wisdom, suggested that instead of putting it on the new member post every week, b/c it ends up getting buried, I put it in one place so its easy to find. GENIUS.

All hail the leader.

The leader is good. The leader is great. We surrender our will as of this date.

(Frillion points to whoever knows where the line is from. LOL)

See you on the blog side. Peace.


16 thoughts on “Blogroll info

  1. The quote is from the episode of the Simpsons where everyone in Springfield joins a wacko cult, the Movementarians. :) Found site through ColumbusFoodie, will look into joining!

  2. jules, i just saved the image from the homepage and then put it in as an image on my template.

    i finally joined bloglines so i could add this and read everyone’s stuff in an easier manner. i am so archaic sometimes!!

  3. Using Bloglines has helped a ton! I used to just go slowly through as many as I could, but now it is so much easier! Thanks again for putting that together!

  4. Just so you know the following blogs aren’t listed in the Bloglines blogroll, or at least not mine…

    Ezra Pound Cake
    Maple Sugar
    A Whisk and A Spoon
    Dinner & Dessert
    Blenders Galore

  5. Awesome ladies! I did have a question. If we are using Google Reader, do we need to delete our TWD folder and add it again? Just wondering if anyone can help a clueless girl out. :o)

  6. MARI I see them on bloglines so I am not sure why they aren’t showing up in yours…

    MICHELLE, for GR you don’t have to delete the folder before importing. You can just import every week and it will only add in the new members as long as you don’t change the folder name. HTH! :)

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