Baking Book Giveaway!

From my home to yours…

Really!? Its true!

I was the lucky recipient of a 2nd copy of our TWD bible, Baking: From my home to yours by Dorie Greenspan, but since I already have a copy, I decided to offer it to one of our lucky lurkers. If you can’t afford the book and that’s the only thing keeping you from joining our Tuesdays with Dorie group then…


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To participate:
> Post your name and email (so we can contact you if you win)
> Where are you located? (city, state and/or country)
> Post your blog URL (you must have a blog to participate)
> You must agree to TWD’s rules. (this is not up for negotiation)
> Tell us why you think you’d be a great addition to the TWD group.

Leave your answer in a comment below. Please only one comment per person. Only comments will be eligible (no emails, no chat messages, no snail mail etc). After the deadline all TWD staff will vote for their pick and the winner will be announced soon after.

Deadline: Friday, June 13th Whoa. Hope you aren’t superstitious!

Fellow Dorie-nators: Feel free to post about it on your blog!

FYI, TWD staffer CB is not above accepting bribes donations in small unmarked bills. Email for her offshore acct number.


27 thoughts on “Baking Book Giveaway!

  1. 2. Hi! I’m Ariel!
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE cooking. I’m an accounting chick who’d love nothing better than to give it all up for cooking! My family has arguments over who will hire me as their personal chef when they win the lottery.
    If I win? I’d even *gulp* risk the stalker who made me make my blog private!

  2. 4. Oh how I long to be as amazing as the TWDers.

    You are savvy, you are exciting, you are domestic goddesses. Every week, I wait — no long — for Tuesday to come so I can delight in the goodness of Dorie Greenspan that has been recreated.

    I can only strive to be as good as you all, but I am of the ambitious sort, and since it would be a good year until my turn came to host, I think I’m up to the task. By then I will commit to graduating myself from baking novice to baking goddess.

    San Diego, CA

  3. 5. You caught me. I’m so embarrassed and feel like I’ve been called out in front of this amazing group of bakers dressed only in my underwear! Well, now that you’ve exposed me, I’m ready to admit that I’ve been lurking in the shadows, too hesitant to join yet completely coveting your experiences and results.

    If I am honored enough to be endowed with this great book, I promise to make Dorie proud but more importantly, continue to prove to my family of seven that all that is good and worthwhile in this world will always be found in Mom’s kitchen.

    Marshall, Minnesota

  4. 6. I’ve been stalking blogs of your members for months! i love looking at their creations and i am jealous with their work. i want to join TWD but i don’t own the book your using. i’m not promising to be as active as the others, but i’ll definitely make time! i’m a newbie at baking so i hope that i would learn a lot by joining TWD.

    Philippines (yes,yes. i live THAT far)

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  6. 7. hi! my name is… dot! and you can find me at

    i’m located in the sunny island of Singapore! my creations can be found at and yes i’m fine with TWD’s rules even though it can be quite itimidating (but the french brownie week totally made me want to be a part of the group!! )

    as u guys already have me hooked on your weekly entries (made my lil puppy drool too!!) the book will leave me with no more excuses to not take the plunge and be part of this fabulous group. i’ll do my best to make the TWD entries as exciting as i can and spread the goodness of Dorie to all my family and friends with my weekly sharing! :)

  7. 8. I live in Salt Lake City Utah and I am the BIGGEST Dorie fan! I have been following TWD from the beginning. I think it is great that so many people love Dorie as much as me:) I love Baking From My Home to Yours…every recipe is a winner and I love that you try one every week! I would love to join the group..I have wanted to for awhile but I am getting married in a week and haven’t had time:)

    But for my wedding we are having lots of Dorie Desserts:)
    We are having a dessert/candy station…and we are including Dorie’s chewy chunky blondies, brownie buttons, lemon cream tarts…and my wedding cake is a Dorie recipe!! I am so excited! Plus, as favors we are making Dorie’s sugar cookies…with a monogram L on them. Dorie is making my day extra special:)

    Dorie has always been so supportive and kind to me. I think she is the greatest!!
    I would love to win this book. I think TWD is so fun! I look forward to it every week. Everyone is so talented and creative!! Keep up the good work!!


  8. 9. I a Pittsburgh, PA resident, and am starting to make time for one of my great passions, baking. I’m a huge Dorie dweeb. Her articles, books and podcasts have given me so many useful lessons.

    I’d love to join TWD. Everyone looks like they are having an amazing time!

  9. 10. Well, let’s get the business out of the way first. I am Mike and I’m from Harrisburg, PA. My blog is Ugly Food for an Ugly Dude at . You can reach me at

    Why would I make an excellent addition to your TWD blogroll? Here’s the skinny. I’m an entirely inexperienced baker. I’ve baked three things from scratch in my entire life, and I have a 33% failure ratio. Every blog I read from this blogroll has gorgeous, near-perfect creations. Isn’t it time to see somebody mess up big time (and–eventually–learn how to bake) using your favorite bakebook?

  10. 11. Hi my name is Kristen and I am a closet Dorie-a-holic. I have been reading the Dorie posts for months now, dreaming of the day I could participate.

    I think I would be a great addition because I’m Right About Everything and I say so! No, seriously, I think I have a lot to learn and think that you all have a lot to teach and offer–I would be the one that makes you all look good–every group needs one of those! I do have to admit that I am competitive and while I might start off the low baker on the totem pole, I would hope that sooner rather than later I could hold my own with you guys!

  11. 12. I have been watching this site for a couple of weeks in envy. I do not own the book, but have taken it out of the library and have baked a few recipes (the cinnamon squares are my family’s favorite so far, but I don’t have time to make many more recipes. The book is due back at the library). I love baking!

    I would be a good addition to TWD because I love to cook and to learn and try new things (especially when it comes to baking!). I get really excited about trying new recipes and love any excuse I have to bake. I would love to join and have the opportunity to learn from all of you. By the way, I am living in Effingham, IL.

  12. 13. In the past three years I’ve become a wife and mom, am increasingly doing more entertaining, and so constantly troll the internet and my Joy of Cooking book for new ways to prepare and present food. I am an American citizen living in the small eastern European country of Estonia – and a stay-at-home mom. The blogs of several of your members have been a life saver to me on many occasions recently; I think it’s a great concept, and appreciate all the time you invest to make it work. It’s just awesome!

  13. 14. Hi I am Samira. I have already participated in 2 past challenges because I wanted to be apart of this group. I got the book from the library and I think it is one of the best baking books out there. i have read many and many but this one is by far one of my faves. I think I deserve the book because I was dedicated enough to drive 20 minutes to town to get the book from the library. Also, because I want to be a baker when I get older so baking every week is like practice and basically my education. i feel that the book will teach me so much that I can incorporate in my own bakery some day. It has already taught me so much in the 2 challenges I have pursued so I can only imagine how much I will learn once I really own the book.

  14. 15. hello there! i just “stumbled” upon the fantastic TWD site recently and fell in LOVE! i think it was with the carrot cakes not too long ago… i love to bake and cook, for anyone that will be my taster (usually my fiance). i always wish i had friends or family members to cook with or trade recipes with or drool over a new cookbook with and since i don’t, when i found TWD i just knew i had to join. all that, plus i would love to try new recipes i would not normally pick out myself and how fun to cook through the entire book! i’ve been a little shy since all you ladies are fantastic! *and* i don’t have the book yet. i thought of getting it at the library until i get my own little paws on it… i have 2 blogs, they are both fairly new:

  15. 16. Hi, I’m your “go to” girl when there is a need for baked goods. I love to bake and everyone in my little world knows it. When there’s an event coming up that requires something baked or decorated I always get a call.

    I live in Brunswick, Maine and am constantly trying to expand (and improve upon) my baking knowledge. I enjoy every part of baking – reading through the recipe, putting together the ingredients, perfecting the method, and watching the smile on everyone’s faces as they dig in.

    I think the “homework” assignment (if you can call it that!) at Tuesdays with Dorie is just what the doctor ordered to expand my baking skills and have a great time baking up new goodies. I have a blog, where I show off some of my baking skills (and my cake decorating) at I’m sure my readers (all 3 of them! hee hee) would really enjoy the additions of Tuesdays with Dorie on my blog. Thank you.

  16. 17. Hello! I am a stay at home mom in Utah who is in need of more recipes. I just started following a TWD website and had no idea what TWD meant. I just wanted the recipes. Now that I have figured out what TWD means it looks like I might have a few more TWD sites to keep up with. I also love trying new recipes!


  17. 18. I have been watching the blogs and wishing I could join in but due to a tight budget, single mom on fixed income, I can not afford the book right yet… I would LOVE to win the book!!! Thank you for that chance!

  18. 19. Hi I’m Ashley, & I’m from El Reno, OK! I have been reading many TWD posts over the past few months, & I keep thinking how much fun it would be to participate. I’ve scoped out the book many times, but just haven’t been able to get the extra money to buy it. I LOVE trying to new recipes, & then getting to share the goodies with my loved ones. (Their expanding waist lines are proof that I must be doing something right!) I think it would be so great to be a part of the TWD group!

  19. 20. Hi! I’ve been reading Tuesdays With Dorie posts on various blogs for several months now. I always love drooling over the photos and the comments, but I have to admit, the cost has held me back a little. So the chance to become a TWD blogger–for no cost!–is exciting to think about. Very exciting to think about!

    So, here’s why I think you should pick me: I recently moved cities for a 16-month internship, which transformed my boyfriend and I from happily cohabiting university students to long-distance loves. Huge bummer and a big transition. My solution, to “ease the pain,” has been to bake him a batch of dessert–cookies, pudding, etc.–every single week that we are apart, bring the batch home on weekends, and have him enjoy the sweet stuff (and think of me!) during the next week. If I win this cookbook and join TWD, then the quality of the desserts I make for him will, naturally, be elevated to another plane. So if I win, so does my boyfriend. Double the impact.

  20. 21. I would love this book! I am an avid baker (mostly cupcakes and cookies) who hopes to one day own a bakery. My husband is in the army so I kinda need us to settle down somewhere before we can even think about it. We are currently in Milford Connecticut and may be leaving here in Nov.
    I have been baking for a couple of years now, even for profit for celebrations of friends and their children. My main baking habit has been for my son’s playgroup. I am always making something to take with me. And now when I show up empty handed the other mothers get upset!
    I recently (a couple of days ago) started my 2nd blog – dedicated to my baking. I would love to add TWD to it. I think it would be alot of fun.
    Hope to hear from you soon. Thanks

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