Dorie says…

Dorie commented on the weekly P&Q, but I thought I should highlight it, so that everyone would see her tips..

Just a quick word on the crust — it can be a bit crisp, especially if you press it down very hard. It’s really a cookie crust, and therefore not at all like softer, flaky pie dough, and it’s meant to be sturdy enough to stand up on its own when you take it out of the tart pan. My suggestions would be to bake it well (it tastes best when it’s well baked because the sugar caramelizes a little) and to make sure to serve it at room temperature. Cut the tart with a serrated knife using a gentle sawing motion and, if it cracks a bit or you get some crumbs, don’t worry about it. This is a dessert that’s rustic in the extreme.

Thanks Dorie!

11 thoughts on “Dorie says…

  1. so happy Dorie chimed in on the crust…I was reading the P&Q with a little apprehension and planning to adapt it to my taste…but now that our lovely expert chimed in…I’ll just overbake ! :D

  2. I have made this crust once before and followed Dorie’s direction to let it bake a bit extra – this crust is really delicious!

    Soooo cool that Dorie keeps up to help us all!

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