36 thoughts on “Recipe for June 17, 2008

  1. Yep, that’s pretty much the same recipe. I love the part about infusing the cream with the mint leaves, that just might get me to make this.

  2. Hi TWD-ers!

    I must say it wasn’t easy to pick a recipe. Everything looked so good, but my goal was to get us to make something that we haven’t quite attempted yet as a group. Since we’ve already done yeasted doughs, cakes of all kinds and brownies, i thought we should attempt pate a choux next! Can’t wait to see everyone’s rings!

  3. I just finished making some choux for Hay Hay It’s Donna Day! and didn’t get to make evrything I wanted to, so this is a great pick for me. Not sure where I’ll get my hands on that much mint though since it is usually only sold here in dumb little clamshells (about 6 leaves for $2) – total ripoff! I won’t let that stop me though! Thanks Caroline!

  4. Wow Holly where do you live? Yikes thats quite a steep price. You can actually buy it at the garden stores real cheap right now. Easy to plant hard to get rid of.

    Asian stores usually carry it for a good price. I buy mine there in the winter.

    I am so stoked about this recipe. I have been wanting to make cream puffs for weeks now. I have never made them. What a welcome recipe.

    I dont know if this is happening to anyone else but I look at this book often and I never see these recipes (except for the brownies). Then I am like wow I am so excited.

    Good pick Caroline!

  5. Do you HAVE to have a stand mixer for this one? Or is there a workaround for it? I don’t quite have one yet, but I do have a hand mixer with various attachments (no paddle though)…

  6. Bah, you never have to have a stand mixer for anything. It ain’t like pastry was invented in 1950, it takes a little more work is all. It’s a labour saver, which means you can use labour.

  7. Yeah, Utah isn’t always the greatest place to find stuff Lori. I thought about that too, and I figure I can probably get a mint plant at the nursery for cheaper than buying it. The mint I bought a couple of days ago was organic, so I’m sure that added to the price. I figure if I don’t end up with any leaves left on the plant, I should still be able to plant it?! I hope! If not, oh well – it is for a good cause! ; )

    I’m with LT – until until about 6 years ago I never had a stand mixer – it is a labour / time saver – but you can do anything without it too. Sometimes (I know, I’m weird) I like to go “old school” on a recipe just for the experience of it. These days I don’t usually have the time, but back in my pre-kiddo days I used to be really picky and if there was a way to make a recipe by hand from scratch completely, that was always the way to go. I guess it is more of a mix for me now.

    I’m rambling, sorry — my point here was that my mom is a cream puff making fool and basically ALWAYS has cream puffs in the house, either made or frozen and ready to fill – she has never had a stand mixer until recently… and it is sitting high in a cupboard above her stove not getting used. Don’t let this recipe (or any other for that matter) scare you off just because it says to use a stand mixer. ; )

  8. Making bread by hand without stand mixer is something everybody should try. It’s easy and it’s so good to have a feel for the dough that you can’t get by waiting for the stand mixer to knead it.

  9. Hmmm, can I do this all as individual cream puffs? I’ll be taking it to work and that seems much more worker-friendly. Any guesses on how many puffs the recipe would make?

  10. I’m excited about this recipe! I’m surprised it wasn’t chosen sooner! I think it’ll be a lot of fun to make and it sure does look pretty in the cookbook!

  11. I’ve made cream puffs without a stand mixer (actually, I’ve never made them WITH a mixer) and I just beat the egg into the dough with a wooden spoon. I’m sure it would work.

  12. oooh i am traveling so i don’t have my book but i will have to get by without a stand mixer for this one because my broken KA is going to cost $265 to fix…yikes. WAH!

  13. This would have been my first choice out of the whole book. It looks intriguing. Now I just can’t decide if I want to make it mini or fill it with ice cream or pastry cream….decisions, decisions!

  14. mmmm….chocolate pastry cream…

    I love peppermint, too….but…peppermint *cream* doesn’t sound that good to me….

    but chocolate……THAT’S a horse of a different color!

    PS — feeling better, Laurie? ;-)

  15. Elizabeth- If your speaking of the Pens, I am still numb. I will feel better after July 1 I think. We need to sign some people before I can breathe easy. haha

  16. Not sure if I’m going to have time to make this this week but it sounds interesting!

    What’s the “official” policy on making old TWD recipes instead of the current one? Does that still count as participating for the week? I’m seeing lots of people post old recipes and wasn’t sure if that was acceptable (as far as our participation requirements).

  17. Julia- I am going to say that you can always make a recipe from the TWD archives. Sometimes time, money, allergies or other factors prevent doing the current one. I am ok with people making recipes of TWD past.

  18. Sweet thanks for answering my question. There are a lot I still want to try and I know I’m going to be crazy busy the rest of this month so I may need to make some of the less time consuming recipes from the archives during the upcoming weeks! I am going to make this week’s recipe a couple of days late though, just gotta find some great strawberries!

  19. This looks fantastic, I have always wanted to make one of these; unfortunately, we will be going out of town on Friday and I will not have time to make it before we leave or when we get back. Can’t wait to see everyones! Have fun!

  20. I’d love to make this too, but I may have a problem. I have no piping equipment and probably won’t be able to get to a place where I can buy some for at least a week. Wah!

    Could I use a parchment paper cone with the tip cut off?

    Oh well, I can always do a recipe from the archives.

  21. The idea of mint pastry cream really doesn’t appeal to me either. I guess I’m going to be a little boring, because I’m going with vanilla cream. I just like vanilla…a lot! But that chocolate cream is something to think about!

  22. I made mine this afternoon, had a few hiccups along the way but it looks good. I used the chocolate cream recipe that’s on pg. 450 (I think) that Dorie mentioned on the sidebar. The cream is really tasty, I considered just throwing it in a bowl and eating it with a spoon by itself :-)

  23. I’m all done with the exception of adding the chocolate glaze and sliced almonds. Not sure if I have those – need to check the pantry. In general this came together much easier than I anticipated. I halved the pastry puff ingredients – which still made an 8″ ring (glad I read others’ comments before I started – you guys rock!) – and halved the cream filling ingredients (no mint, just vanilla) and seemed to have plenty for doing two full layers of rosettes and about enough for another half layer which I added “here and there” style as fill in.

    I’ve made cream puffs before so this wasn’t entirely “new” to me but in looking at the picture I was (as is my norm) totally intimidated. It was no where near as difficult as I anticipated.

    Thank you to the TWD’ers who helped me understand I could do this w/o the tip called for and instead just use my regular pastry bag sans tip. Dunno why I just wasn’t getting that at first! LOL

    Thanks for a great challenge – I look forward to posting this on Tuesday :)

    Have a delicious day!

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