Email Sent

Hey Y’all!

I just sent an email out. Please let me know if you do not receive it.

Bake on!


21 thoughts on “Email Sent

  1. To not post the recipes is not an unreasonable request at all (in my humble opinion)!
    I mean, really, isn’t posting nearly all the recipes from a cookbook along the same lines as pirating music and movies?

  2. I agree completely with the decision not to post recipes. We’re all learning a ton from this book, and we’ve all made the commitment to buy it, or at least borrow from the library.

  3. I did not receive the email, however, I just joined the group in the past few days, so perhaps I just haven’t made it onto the updated list yet.

    I am getting the gist of what the email was about though from the previous responses. I think it is completely reasonable to not post the full recipes anymore as well. Having just bought the book this past weekend, I already love all the recipes I have read. I think anyone interested in a recipe they see on one of the blogs would love the book as well and benefit from owning the entire collection from Dorie.

  4. I think not posting the recipes is the right thing to do as well. We enjoy this book so we should want other people to buy it and enjoy it too. Dorie has quite a few recipes on Serious Eats so we can always link to those.

  5. I honestly don’t understand why people would be balking at not posting the recipes…if I’m telling the truth, I was becoming increasingly concerned about all those that getting these recipes for “free”….I mean.. this is Dorie’s life’s work….she worked very hard to create this book we love so much….personally, I wonder if it’s a disservice to her for us to essentially give her recipes away…

    just my .02

  6. My understanding is that reposting recipes is a copyright infringement, and I will not do this.

    However, I am concerned that the current preoccupation with intellectual rights is putting a chill on creativity.

    There must be a happy medium.

    from Occasional Baker

  7. My husband in an intellectual property attorney. I’ve been well schooled as to what is protected and what is not. If a recipe is printed online and accessable (ie: Food Network) it is totally legal to reprint/post the recipe. If it is from a cookbook or other copyrighted source, it is illegal to reprint/post. Only Dorie, or people with her permission can post her recipes. I’m kind of glad that this has been brought out into the open. It’s a good discussion to have.

  8. I have to say that if I bought Baking From My Home To Yours, it’s because of food bloggers, posting recipes and praising the book. I’m sure I’m not the only one. Although posting every recipe from the book week after week is carrying it a bit far, when I see a recipe from a certain book or magazine posted on a food blog, it just entices me to get the publication in question. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying that copyright laws don’t exist, I’m just saying a little publicity goes a long way.

  9. It is better not to post them. If people really want the recipe, they can buy the book or even email you and you can give it at your will. I am pretty sure there are “laws” about posting the recipe, from a book and definitely you need to give credit where credit is due. I am always pretty cautious with this after a chef friend mentioned that they (chefs) hate the sunday cooks who post recipes all over from free.

  10. ps….. my whole point was to say, better not to post, there was someone who the blog world who actually got a letter from the attorney of a well known chef, for posting recipes from his book on his food blog – had to immediately stop it.

  11. Respect
    Lack of Selfishness

    These are the important things to remember, before putting fingers to keyboard or sending email or posting or opening one’s mouth in any way.

    Respect for the author and the hostess and one’s fellow bloggers. Let’s keep that first.

  12. I think it would be acceptable for bloggers to post one or two recipes from a book, acknowledge the authorship,recommend the book and provide a link to the author/publication on I have done this a few times – surely this is encouraging people to buy the item. I don’t think authors would object to this as long as the number of recipes used from their books was very limited. Sherrytrifle.

  13. Okay, so the unanimous decision is we post the pictures and do a write-up BUT no recipe is to be copied into each of our blogs. So, is it still okay for the person whose week it is to pick the recipe for everyone to post the recipe or is this illegal too? Just wondering what I am suppose to be doing =).

  14. It has always kind of bothered me to do this and I’m glad it’s being settled. I had been meaning to check if we had Dorie’s permission to do this, and really, unless we each have Dorie’s permission individually, we are violating copyright by printing the recipe and instructions verbatim from the cookbook.

  15. Sorry if I misunderstood “the rules” of TWD but I thought it stated that you must own the book. That is WHY I went out and bought the book. Now that I have it, it’s become my best-loved of all the baking/cook books on my shelf.

    I still don’t understand a LOT about this TWD group, I’ll admit, but I sure thought I understood you had to own the book

  16. Em- Yes you do have to own the book to be part of the group, you are correct Maam. :)

    If you have questions, feel free to ask them in comments, or email me, and I will be happy to answer them.

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