OSI : French Brownies

Vote for the brownies! Getting caught up, y’all don’t beat me too badly.


11 thoughts on “OSI : French Brownies

  1. Carrie’s Kitchen Creations because her brownies look like the best stack of chocolate fudgey goodness on this planet. http://bakersbakery.wordpress.com/2008/06/03/twd-french-chocolate-brownies/

    A Whisk and a Spoon because her plated brownie looks perfect and how I thought they should look (not that mine did! LOL)

    Whisk: A Food Blog because the idea of brownie “pops” is just freaking cool

    Crazy Delicious because those little brownies in their own dishes with that awesome blackberry ice cream looks ridiculously good

  2. …A Cookie a Day with great presentation (although it sounds like this is her last TWD post)

    Fool for Food with the stencil

    My Baking Adventures with her cute “cakes” and reversing Dorie’s story about whether this is a brownie or a cake

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