OSI : Strawberry Tart

Vote for the strawberry tarts. At least yall’s tart looked like the recipe *sniffle*

17 thoughts on “OSI : Strawberry Tart

  1. A Year From Oak Cottage because she made two varieties and they look fabulous

    Whisk: A Food Blog – two words – flambed strawberries

    Stickey Gooey Creamy Chewy – her variations look amazing and so great!

    Scrumptious Photography for her, well, scrumptious photography

    Meet Me In the Kitchen by Mary Ann – overachiever variation sounds incredible – without a strawberry in sight

  2. Brown Interior- love the tart stack!
    A Whisk and A Spoon- she always make me want to dive in
    A Year from Oak Cottage- looked sooo good
    Anne Strawberry- like the idea of adding the cream, like her blog
    Scrumptious Photography- Beautiful

  3. Meet Me in the Kitchen – the sorbet!
    Flavor of Vanilla – Lime and Raspberry – yum
    Grandma’s Kitchen Table – Loved the return to the liquor store story

  4. Engineer Baker – cookies are the perfect way to serve these

    Smells Like Home – not very rustic, but so pretty

    Good Eats and Sweet Treats – nice variety with great presentation, plus I appreciate the commitment to making at least a portion of the recipe unaltered

    Piggy’s Cooking Journal – I just love that photo

  5. A Year from Oak Cottage: they look perfect!!!

    Culinary Concoctions by Peabody: i love how she made the recipe her own…very creative and they look wonderful!

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