18 thoughts on “Recipe for June 24, 2008

  1. Julia thanks so much for the link. I am traveling without my book and this is something I can pull off in yet another ‘stunt kitchen’ without speaking the local language!

  2. I have been thinking of ways to use up the frozen black raspberries from last year — this year’s crop will be ready in just a few weeks. Beth, you must have read my mind ;)

  3. Awesome…can’t wait. I have had a TWD itch the past 2 weeks that I have just not had time to scratch but I have a quieter weekend ahead of me so I should be good to go! Yay!

  4. YAY! I am glad y’all like the pick! While cheesecake is my fave desert, pie & cobbler is Nate’s favorite, and with a second pup around my time is very limited these days- so I picked something super yummy AND very easy!! WOO HOO!!! Hope everyone enjoys their cobbler!

  5. Oh Beth…thanks for the tip on the healthiness…now I know I will definitely have to modify it a bit to make sure it’s WAY less healthy than 7 points per serving. I like my desserts FATTENING (to others!)! hehee.

  6. Unfortunately, I won’t get a chance to make cobbler (and I love cobbler)! My summer teaching schedule is so hectic, and I haven’t had a day off this week!

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