Our Secret Ingredients : Pecan Honey Sticky Buns

Baked Alaska

 No oven. That’s enough to make most people with a lick of common sense send in an email explaining why they can’t do the TWD this week. It would be enough to make me swear off thwhole month, and burst into tears if anybody even mentioned baking to me! Fortunately for us, Amy ain’t got good scents at all!

(Get it? She can’t smell, no good scents… oh forget it.)

She fixed them in a cast iron skillet. How resourceful is that? Don’t they look adorable all snuggled in together?

   Oh sure, it got a little smokey. Things were a little crispier than she had planned, but you can’t top a woman with this kind of perseverance. The week after this she made brownies in the crockpot. Amy sugah, you win the TWD Against All Odds Award!


 Quirky Cupcake

 She started it all. She works her butt off. You all know and love her (you better love her, because we have rolling pins and we ain’t afraid to swing at your kneecaps). It’s Laurie, our founder!

Don’t she have sexy buns?

 The puddles of gaze make me want to lick the pan. Hers is another story about perseverance, her dough decided to take it’s sweet time about rising. She even went to the store to get more yeast and butter, which is of course when the dough decided to do it’s thing. Dough is very bratty.

 Don’t y’all love the different variations in one batch? This is a great idea for a large family, or if you were having guests. Thank you for the demonstration chick, you’re so smart!


The Way The Cookie Crumbles

Is it food, or a decoration? To be honest, when she bakes I can’t really tell the difference. These pretty treats are so far from my thrown together, falling over desserts they might as well be from two different planets. (Y’all don’t think she’s an alien, do you?)


The before pictures look as good as the after, leaving you seething with the sort of envy you get watching some perfect model chick get a make over.

Her pecans even stay where they’re told to! A few fall, but in that casually elegant way. Like the aforementioned model’s messy updo. Yep, she’s an alien.


8 thoughts on “Our Secret Ingredients : Pecan Honey Sticky Buns

  1. awesome picks…i absolutely adore the glaze in Laurie’s and the cute brioche tins in the last one. and YES…against all odds for the skillet buns…my poor mixer is still at the shop (possibly forever).

  2. I am so honored that I got chosen for making such crap! I still have half that brioche dough in my freezer, and looking at Laurie’s makes me maybe want to try them for real. . .although Bridget’s are adorable too!

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