Friendly Reminder

This group is baking its way through Baking: From My Home to Yours. It feels silly to have to say it, but we are using the recipes FROM the book. While adaptations are welcome, we would still prefer that you generally stick to the recipe. I have had a lot of emails come in on this topic. So, I want to be as clear as possible on a rule that can be very gray. Tweaking/Adapting the recipe is one thing, using an entirely different recipe is something else. You guys are smart, I think you know the difference here.

If you have questions about this subject, leave your comments below and I will respond.

Thanks guys, Bake on!

19 thoughts on “Friendly Reminder

  1. Well said. I think it is safe to say also that unless we try a recipe (or adaptation thereof) we’ll never know what we would think of it since everyone’s tastes are different. As in the case of the cobbler biscuit topping I think the thing to do would be to make the recipe so you have something to compare to and, if you do have a favorite that you still like better, share that as well and why you prefer it.

    Just my two cents. Keep up the good work!

  2. Would it make sense then to not have the P&Q about the recipe before we post? Or to have the P&Q after we’ve all made the recipe. It just ssems like the P&Q is being used to post results rather than asking for help with the execution of a recipe. Isn’t our individual blog the place to post what we think of a recipe? After that we could discuss what maybe went wrong. Not every recipe in a cookbook is going to be a winner. And I understand that we’re cooking through the book. But with the escalating price of ingredients, when I see post after post that a recipe is not working for people, it is discouraging and doesn’t inspire me to make it.

  3. Ann there are a number of times when there have been a lot of questions asked and help given in the P&Q section. It’s only on the easier recipes that you’ll find less of that going on, but I have seen a lot of help provided to all of the bakers

    Also, if you read people reactions to the recipe they will often tell you where they felt the recipe was lacking and that is your opportunity to learn from that and tweak the recipe. For example, in the cobbler P&Q Landa, the 6th person to post said she made it once, it was bland so the second time she added some cinnamon and topped it with a bunch of sugar and it was much better. There is zero reason to be substituting one of Dorie’s recipes for a recipe that is essentially the exact same thing.

    And please don’t use the cost of ingredients as a cop out because we are a weekly baking group and if you want to bake with us you will be spending money to bake every week, that’s just how it works here. Chances are no one is going to love every recipe so there will be some weeks your baked goods end up in the trash and that’s just part of being in the group

  4. (In the following comment, the word you is the general plural use of the word and not any specific you)

    Seriouslly, use the recipes. Just use them. If you can’t afford it, skip that week (I’ve had to). If you want to post a similar recipe, do it on Wednesday. If you just can’t stand the rules, leave the group. If you hate the recipe, don’t make it again. Say you hate it when you post it. Whatever. But use the recipe. That’s the entire point of using a cook book. They have recipes in them. Use them please. Change them. Adapt them. But for pity’s sake don’t use somebody else’s. That would be Tuesday With Cook’s Illustrated/Martha Stewart/Aunt Ruth.

  5. I don’t mind using the recipe, as long as I can link to it from the person who chose it’s blog. When that person hasn’t posted the recipe yet when I’m ready to post that’s a bit of a problem.

  6. There are definitely times when I’ve tweaked the presentation of the recipe (which many people have done), and I don’t see a problem with that. However, if you hate the recipe, go ahead and say it, but say it tactfully. As one who was burned by people who didn’t like my choice for various reasons, I can tell you – it’s insulting, and it hurts. Be nice. If you aren’t sure if what you’re saying could be construed the wrong way, don’t post it.

  7. Really, people get insulted if their selection isn’t liked? Just because I don’t like the recipe, I don’t blame the person who chose it. If it’s something I know I wouldn’t like, such as a shortbread, a cookie I just don’t like, I just won’t make it. But anything I make, I do so because it is something I would have chosen myself to make. If I don’t like it, it’s nobody’s fault except the recipes.

  8. OMG really? Are there people aside from Caitlin who take bad reviews of their recipe choice personally?? Caitlin, you didn’t write the recipe so why would you be offended by peoples’ reviews?? I haven’t read anything in the blogs blaming anyone for a bad recipe choice. I’m sorry, but I’m not going to modify the reviews I write b/c I’m afraid it will hurt the feelings of the person who chose the recipe. If I hate a recipe, I’m going to say that I hated it.

    Sorry – that was a little off-topic but I felt the need to respond. Back on topic: amen to Nikki.

  9. Okay before this gets out of hand, I think I need to jump in.

    First off, one of the first comments said the cobbler topping was bland, and then everyone flipped out. Unfortunately, this was early on in the week. I made the cobbler as written and adored it. It was fantastic.

    Caitlin, I am sorry that you took offense when people did not like your selection. However, there is no need to be hurt. Everyone has different likes and dislikes. And if there is one thing I have learned from TWD, someone is always unhappy. Sad but true. Hugs babe. Dont take it personally!

    Tara- While I agree with some of your points, and yes, you should write honestly what you thought of the recipe, you bailed on it because of a few bad reviews. This is the reason I didnt want to give the option of a weekly alternative recipe. My close TWD friends and I all loved the cobbler. In my opinion you missed out.

    My advice is to try the weekly recipe. What someone else thinks is bland, another person may love. If you hate the ingredients, skip the week. But, please do not bail because of someone elses opinion and do not use a recipe from somewhere else.

  10. OK, I really have no idea how my “bailing” on this week’s recipe has anything to do with what I wrote. Laurie, if you have an issue with people opting for an alternative Dorie recipe, you shouldn’t have made it an option for people who don’t like lemon or who don’t have the correct pan for the recipe. What is going to happen when the Orange Cream Tart gets chosen as the weekly recipe and 1/2 of the group has already made it b/c they didn’t want to make the Lemon Cream Tart when it was chosen?

    And if it makes you feel better to call me out (for no particular reason) for “bailing” on this week’s recipe, then yay for you.

  11. Tara- We made the option of doing an alternate for specific circumstances. Again, maybe this is a gray area people are unable to maneuver. As for the Orange Cream Tart, considering the group has doubled since then, I do not think it will be an issue. You are obviously unhappy with some of the rules here.

    If you think I ever “feel better” when having to deal with conflict on this blog or in the 20 emails I get a day about TWD, you are seriously mistaken.

  12. no, i’m not unhappy with the rules here – that’s why i’m still part of the group. i’m unhappy at the fact that you called me out b/c of what i wrote – which wasn’t directed at you and which didn’t require a conflict negotiator – b/c you’re unhappy that i didn’t make this week’s recipe. don’t get me wrong, i’m not embarressed by the fact that i didn’t make this week’s recipe, nor by the fact that i didn’t make the recipe b/c of the reviews that were posted in the P&Q post (as posted in my blog), but your comment to me was unwarrented. if you have a problem with my not making this week’s recipe, “bailing” on it, then you should have emailed me personally.

  13. so, here is my .02 (for all that’s worth!)…

    I fully support the “bake the recipe” rule…as long as it’s not arbitrary.

    We all know there are those among our ranks who don’t make a recipe as written often…so, if it’s a hard and fast rule, it should be enforced as such..which, as I already stated, I am all for.

  14. Elizabeth, we still fully encourage monkey-ing around with Dorie’s recipe. Our problem is when one or two people give a recipe negative reviews so people decide to use their mom’s/cooks illustrated/cooking light’s/whoever’s version of the recipe instead.

    We love seeing people play around with Dorie’s recipe, but we don’t like seeing people substitute Dorie’s recipe with someone else’s.

  15. well, then, the whole area is just really gray, and kind of arbitrary, in my opinion, then.

    I mean, how can you enforce with one…and not with another…I just think it’s easier if it’s not so gray..

    but, I’m not the moderator! ;-)

  16. Is it really that difficult to determine the difference between tweaking a recipe and using another recipe completely?

    Tweaking is swapping one spice for another, changing the presentation, omitting nuts, or using one nut in place of another, changing the extract, or the chocolate, etc..

    Tweaking is not using someone else’s recipe in place of the TWD recipe of the week. As someone already said, if you want to do that, fine, but just do not label it TWD.

    Today should be drama wednesday. :P

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