29 thoughts on “Recipe for July 1, 2008

  1. Sounds interesting. I still can’t get past the thought of apples and cheese, but I love granny smith apples dipped in beer-cheese fondue….

  2. Scones – what a perfect start for me. I LOVE SCONES and make them regularly – all kinds of flavors. Thanks, Karina.

  3. Yum! My husband is especially excited about this one!

    I just did some math and figured out that I get to choose three years from now! You all had better still be baking!

  4. I’ve heard that apple pie is great served with cheddar cheese, though I usually go for vanilla ice cream instead. This should be good!

    I love scones. I’m planning to bake the full recipe and freeze some of them. Scones reheat really if you wrap them in foil and reheat in the oven or toaster oven. Don’t bother with the microwave, they just get tough and the crust gets soggy.

  5. My dad used to eat hot apple pie with a slice of cheddar, so apples and cheese is an old school thing I believe.

    As for the dried apples, I’m not sure I’d find them here. I think I’ll cut some up and dry them in the oven on low heat since I don’t have a food hydrater.

    I wonder if food market called SPROUTS has them?

  6. Great, I still have 3 lbs of cheddar cheese from the 5lb block I bought to make Alton Brown’s nasty mac & cheese! I was just thinking this weekend I needed to use it up before it started to mold.

  7. i have heard several say that the “secret ingredient” in their apple pie is cheddar cheese, so i can see how these would be good.

    i’ve never had (or made) scones before, so this will be interesting! just wish i had more of the ingredients on hand (need to get dried apples, apple cider, etc)

  8. I’ve never made scones before so I’m really excited to try these.

    Does anyone know…Is there a reason why they have to dried apples or could you use fresh?

  9. beth…don’t actually know the reason for the dried apples, but it may be a moisture thing. fresh apples would probably work if you sauteed slices or cubes in a pan first to draw out some of the liquid.

  10. beth, I was thinking the same as steph, probably fresh apples would release more juices. My thought was to cut the fresh apples in thin slices, or grate them, sprinkle with a little lemon juice to prevent browning, then press between paper towels to press out the juice.

    I look forward to seeing your version!

  11. Oh I’m so on for this one. Apples and cheddar cheese is one my fave food combinations. I make apple and cheddar paninis often at home. I’m looking forward to seeing how they come out in scones.

    I’m wondering if I can use fresh apples instead of dried for the recipe.

  12. This is a great choice for me this week. My mom’s birthday is this weekend. So, I was hoping for something totally decadent or just the opposite. I would consider this just the opposite. I can make them for breakfast and still get Patty her mega dessert.

  13. FYI, raw unbaked scones freeze really well. Just be sure to wrap them very well for the freezer. I do this all the time, and pull out one or two scones, as needed, and bake them off in my toaster oven.

  14. So I just baked these, and dear lord they smell wonderful! You know those bits of cheese that ooze out of melts and fry themselves into crispiness on the pan? Yeah, that’s what they smelled like.

  15. That is not something you will see often, must have added some weight, but you could look at it as a new training method? Maybe even start a fashion

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